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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

How To Play Music Through Speakers While Using Headphones on PC

Can we play music through speakers while using headphones? Yes, we can. We can actually use two different audio devices at the same time. Today, in this post, we will learn about three methods so that we can use both headphones and speakers simultaneously on our Windows 11/10 PC.

Can headphones and computer speakers be used at the same time?

Yes you can! Now, if you're wondering why anyone would want to use two audio devices at the same time, it usually happens when one person in the family wants to enjoy music on headphones while the other wants to. listen on speaker. Additionally, some mixing artists may sometimes want to play audio files on two different devices simultaneously.

How to Play Music through Speakers while using Headphones

You can play Music through Speakers while using Headphones on Windows 11/10 by following this procedure:

1. Connect both speakers and headphones to your PC. Make sure that both audio devices are properly connected to your PC.

2. Go to the volume icon in your system tray and right click.

3. Select the Sound option. This will open the Sound settings on your PC.

4. Click the Playback tab and go to Speakers. Right click and select Set as default device. If it has been set as the default playback device, the options will be grayed out for you.

2. In the Recording tab, go to Stereo Mix and right click. Select properties.

3. Go to the Listen tab, check the box that says Listen to this device and select your Headphones from the given drop-down menu. Click Apply and you're done.

4. Check now, you will be able to play music through the speakers while using headphones.


While this method will allow you to play music through both headphones and speakers, the sound quality may not be as good. Additionally, you may notice a slight delay in the audio output through both devices. Therefore, if you need these settings for any of your personal or temporary use, that's okay but if you are looking for professional quality audio output, you're better off. try some good audio mixer.

When I connect the headset to the computer, the speaker still plays?

This can happen because of your sound settings or a recent update. First, restart your computer and see. If that doesn't work, change the Sound settings and update the audio driver, or try changing your default audio device.

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