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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

How to Fix Laptop Keyboard Keys Not Working in Windows 10

Your laptop keyboard is a vital ingredient in what makes a laptop a laptop. It’s part of the overall portability package that you pay a premium for, and when it stops working, suddenly that shiny laptop of yours looks a bit redundant. Why does this happen, and how do you stop your laptop keyboard from messing up? 
Here we show you the most common problems and solutions.
Method 1: Restart Laptop and remove the battery
Before we uninstall the drivers of your laptop’s keyboard, we will try power cycling your laptop. When we power cycle, the computer is reinitialized with new parameters and all the hardware components are loaded and connected from scratch. We will remove the battery and wait a few minutes to make sure that the process completes.
1.Shut down your laptop completely. If you are unable to shut down, press the power button for a few seconds to shut it down forcefully.
2.Once the computer is shut down, take out the battery. Slide the buttons (if present) and after you hear a click sound, slide the battery off the laptop.

3.Wait for a few minutes to make sure all power is drained from the computer. Now plug the battery back in, attach the power cord and turn on your computer. Now check if the problem is solved.
Method 2: Turn Off Filter Keys if they are turned on
1.Type Control Panel in search box.Click on Control Panel to open it.
3.Select Category in View by at the top right.
4.Click on Ease of Access.
5.Click on Change how your keyboard works.
6.Make sure filter keys are not turned on. If it is turned on, disable it by unchecking Turn on filter keys and then click on Apply and then OK.
7.Restart your computer. 
Method 3: Update Keyboard Driver
In most cases, a bad driver is responsible for this condition. Internet connection is required to update drivers. 1.Open Device Manager. Search device manager in taskbar using the onscreen keyboard and click on the first result or Right-click on the start button and click on device manager from the menu. 2.Locate Keyboards and expand it by clicking. A list of keyboard drivers will appear. Select any driver and click on it. A menu will appear, Click on Uninstall. Repeat the same for any other keyboard driver. This will replace the drivers with the factory versions of the driver, after restarting. uninstall driver laptop keyword not working
Now, click on Action, then on Scan for hardware changes.After completion of the scan, Restart your Windows laptop and check if the laptop keyboard is responding.scan for hardware changes keyboard not working in laptop
3.Update your keyboard drivers and then do the scan for hardware changes. And finally, restart the laptop. Similar to the above step.
update keyboard driverlaptop keyboard not working If the keyboard is working, skip the rest of this tutorial.

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