How to batch rename multiple files with Total Commander - Windows Basics


Wednesday, August 10, 2022

How to batch rename multiple files with Total Commander

When you want to batch rename files in Windows operating system, how will you handle it? Work on each file in turn, use the support tool, select all and then press F2... in the following article, we will show you how to do this with the Total Commander utility.

Download link:

After going to the Total Commander download page, you choose the version suitable for your computer. Total Commander 32bit can run on Windows 95 to Windows 10 32bit and 64bit, Total Commander version can only run on Windows 64bit.

For Windows users, it can be said that no one is unaware of this powerful and functional system management tool. The main interface of the program is as follows:

If the image above reminds of one of the "ancient" software like Norton Commander, then you are right, because that is the starting point of Total Commander. This is a Shareware software, the trial period is not limited.

Note that on your system, the display color and font will be different, not exactly with the image below:

Next, select the files to be renamed in the left working window:

And use the batch renaming function via the File > Multi-Rename Tool menu or press Ctrl + M

The function panel of this tool displays, you may be dizzy because there are quite a few options as follows:

Clearly divided, old files are displayed on the left hand side, and the result after renaming is on the right hand side:

For the above example, we will try to apply the following:

  • To replace all dashes and underscores with spaces, enter -|_ in the Search box.
  • In the Replace box, use the Space key in it. We cannot see, but when manipulated, the program still receives the full command.
  • Check the box in the box RegEx - stands for Regular Expressions, because we simply need to change characters like - or _
  • And finally, select First of each word uppercase in the Upper/lowercase section

After changing the options as desired, click Start to begin the renaming process. There are many more features of Total Commander and we will continue to learn in the next articles. Good luck!

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