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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

How to View All Startup Programs in Windows 10

When you turn on your Windows 10 PC, some services and programs load using Windows 10. One of the best ways to speed up your Windows 10 startup is to prevent unwanted programs from loading with Windows 10. But how do you know those are the programs that started with Windows 10?

There are many ways online to see the programs that start up with Windows 10. Here are two easy ways to see all the apps that load with Windows 10.

Tip: If your PC is using a traditional hard drive, you can speed up Windows 10 startup and improve your PC's overall performance by five times by replacing the HDD with an SSD.

A. View startup apps in Windows 10 via Settings

1. Click the Start button and then click the Settings icon on the left side of the screen to launch the Settings app.

2. In the Settings window that opens, click the Apps category.

3. Under Apps, click on the Startup from the left side menu.

4. On the right side of the Startup section, you can see all the startup programs or applications that load with Windows 10. If you see any unnecessary programs starting with Windows 10, switch to switch to Off next to the application entry. For apps that start with Windows, you'll see On next to the toggle, and if the program is disabled on startup, you'll see Disable next to the toggle.


B. View startup programs via Task Manager

1. Launch Task Manager by right-clicking on an empty space on the Windows 10 Taskbar and then clicking on the Task Manager option.

Alternatively, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc from your keyboard to quickly open Task Manager.

2. If the Task Manager opens with less details, click the More Details button to expand the Task Manager.

3. Switch to the Startup tab in Task Manager to see all the programs or apps that automatically load with Windows 10.

4. The Status column shows which apps are enabled and disabled. If you want to stop a program from starting with Windows 10, right-click on the program's entry, and then select the Disable option.

After you turn off the startup's program, it won't load anymore at Windows 10 startup. You should go through the startup entries and disable the worthless programs. If you want to re-enable any program, right-click on it and select the Enable option. Additionally, the Startup Impact column shows the impact of programs on Windows 10 startup. If you find any program startup impacts to be high, review and disable them.

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