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Monday, January 3, 2022

How to Change Weather Location for News and Interests in Windows 11/10

Windows 11/10 has the News and Interests taskbar widget. This feature gives us quick access to an integrated feed of weather, news, sports, and more. right on our taskbar. With just a quick mouseover on an icon, we can quickly go through that icon without affecting our work. In this post we will show you how to Change the weather location, Customize the weather card, Change the Temperature unit, Choose how your weather looks, Personalize the Feed and Update Traffic Location.

When you hover over the icon, a quick feed opens with cards showing news, weather reports, traffic updates, and money cards. This is the default setting of the feature but is fully customizable. Although the news cards cannot be removed, you can hide all other cards such as weather, traffic, and money cards.

A. Change weather location on taskbar in Windows 11/10

1. Click on the News and Interest icon on the taskbar

2. Click the three dots in the top right corner of your weather card.

3. Click Edit Location

4. Now tick on Specify location and type in the city, state, country, or zip code of the region you want the weather from.

5. Once you have the region entered in the location field make sure to click the Save button for it to go into effect.

6. That’s all there is to it. Now the Weather card on the News and Interests widget will show the weather for the region you saved. To see more details on the weather click on the See full forecast button.

Note: Temperature units in News and Hobbies

1. Open the News and Interests hub.

2. Locate the Weather card.

3. Next to the temperature, you will find the C and F symbols.

4. Click on C to switch the units to Celsius. Click F to change the temperature units to Fahrenheit.

Note: Show icon only for weather on the taskbar

The weather on the taskbar takes a significant amount of space. Users who have a smaller screen size may prefer to have an icon for the weather forecast without its extra info. Some may want to completely remove News and Interest button or at least make it more compact. Microsoft understands that and offers an option to show only an icon.

You won't see the temperature or conditions, but the icon will update according to the weather forecast.

1. Choose how your weather looks on the taskbar.

2. Select News and Interests from the menu. Click the Show icon only option.

Note: Choose how your weather looks on the taskbar

One more thing that you can change about the weather settings is to show the icon with text in your taskbar or just the icon. Right-click a blank space in the taskbar to open the taskbar settings. Go to News and Interests and select the option as per your preference. Select Turn Off if you want to unpin the feature from your taskbar.

Well, this is all you can customize in your weather card and if you just don’t want to see it, you can simply hide the weather card.

1. Open the News and Interests hub.

2. Locate the Weather card.

3. Click on the three dots and select Hide Weather Card.

Note: Personalize your Feed

Furthermore, you can also manage your interests in News and Interests. To refresh the feed just click the Refresh Icon.

1. Open the News and Interests hub.

2. Click Manage Interests in the top right corner of the feed.

3. This will take you to the official page for the feature in Microsoft Edge, where you can change your preferences and choose what you want to see in your feed. You can add or remove interests from here.

4. You can also save or share any news story right from your feed.

6. Click the three dots on the story and you will have the options to Share, Save for later or Hide story. Alternatively, you can choose to see more or less of the same stories.

Note: Update Traffic Location

As mentioned above, this new feed is highly customizable. Just like the weather card, you can edit the location in your traffic card as well.

1. Open the News and Interests hub.

2. Go to Traffic Car and click on the three dots.

3. Click on Edit Traffic Location and specify the location or let the feature detect your location.

4. Click on the Traffic Update and it shows you a detailed traffic update of your location in your browser Edge wherein you can see the details like the traffic alerts, construction schedules, and the cameras installed. Unfortunately, my city doesn’t have any cameras installed and thankfully we have a construction scheduled only in one area.

Overall, this is a very useful feature that gives us a quick glance at the news feed, weather report, traffic updates, etc of our area. Also, it lets us choose our area of interest too and select what we actually want to see on our feed.


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