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Monday, January 3, 2022

How to Clear or Disable Taskbar Search Box History in Windows 10

Do you want to clear the Taskbar Search box History in Windows 10? How to disable Taskbar Search box History in Windows 10? Windows 10 includes Taskbar Search that lets you quickly find anything in your PC. Microsoft allows users to use both the Start menu and the Taskbar to perform searches on Windows 10. Although both use the same search segment, their interface and services are a bit different. separate.

When you click the Start button, you'll find installed programs listed in the Start menu, while Taskbar Search shows the apps you use most often at the top and the most recent searches below it.

While these features for viewing recent searches are useful because you can revisit those topics quickly and easily, some people may want to turn them off. There may be other reasons to turn it off or off; for example, you have accessed some sensitive information using Taskbar Search and you want to hide them from other users on the same PC.

This article I will guide you to delete and completely disable Search History on your taskbar in Windows 10

How To Clean and Disable the Search History of the Taskbar Search Box in Windows 10?

1. Open Settings app by pressing Windows Keys + I

2. In the search bar at the top of the settings window, type Permissions and History.

3. In the available results, click on the Search permissions and history option.

4. In the window that opens, scroll down to the History sub-section.

5. Toggle off the option that says store the Search history of this device

6. If you want to clear the search history on the Taskbar, click the Clear device search history button.

Please note that when you re-enable the feature later and have not cleared your existing Taskbar search history, you will see those searches again.


How To Remove Search Box From Taskbar In Windows 10

Windows Search and Cortana  takes up a good chunk of space on the taskbar. If you would rather have more room on the taskbar for icons, you can get rid of it

Hide Windows 10 Search Box

To remove the search box, you have several options. Right-click the box or empty area next to it on the taskbar. From the menu go to Search and you can choose to just Show search icon or select Hidden.

1. Right-click on an empty spot on the Taskbar, click Search and then click the Hidden or Show search icon option to remove the search box from Windows 10 taskbar.

So how do I search on Windows 10?
So now you might be wondering how to search Windows 10 with the search box and button removed? It's simple. Press the Windows key on your keyboard and start typing your query. As you start typing, the Windows Search Box will appear. For example, here I just pressed the Windows key and started typing my search for Windows Administrative Tools.
That all!

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