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Friday, November 26, 2021

How to always open programs as Administrator in Windows 11

Similar to other versions of Windows, on Windows 11, you will sometimes need to launch programs and applications with elevated privileges to perform a certain task as an administrator (admin) of Windows. system.

If your work requirements keep you constantly opening an application as an administrator, you can set this up to happen automatically, instead of having to open it manually as usual. This article will show you how to set up always opening applications with admin rights on Windows 11.

Windows 11: force always open programs as Administrator

1. Use Windows 11's search feature to find the program you want to force open as Administrator.

2. When the program appears among the search results, you will have to right click on it and select the option: Open file location.

3. When the program folder opens, you'll see the program's executable (.exe) file, which you'll have to right-click.

4. In the context menu you have to choose Properties

5. A small window will open in which you have to go to the Compatibility tab

6. Once here, click the button Change settings for all users.

7. This will open a second window in which you have to tick the option box Run this program as administrator.

8. After checking the box, Clicking Apply and OK.

9. After saving these changes, you must click the accept button again in the previous window for the new settings to take effect.

From now on, this app will always open with admin rights by default.

Repeat the above process with any other apps you want. Hope you are succesful.

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