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Monday, October 18, 2021

How To Change The Taskbar Position In Windows 11

Windows 11 has just launched with a new interface and a bunch of new features. Besides, some old features on Windows 10 are also removed on Windows 11 such as the ability to change the Taskbar location.

On Windows 11, the Taskbar is locked into position below the screen, cannot move to the left, right and top edges like on Windows 10. However, if you want, there is still a way to force Windows 11 to change. Taskbar position at your disposal.

1. Press Windows + R and then type regedit in Run to open Registry Editor

2. Find the key:


3. Right-click on the StuckRects3 key and select Export. You give the REG file any name, choose the place to save it as Desktop and then click Save. This step is a backup step in case you encounter an error, you can rerun the REG file to return to the original settings

4. Double-click the Settings to open it

5. At line 0008, move the cursor to the 5th column you will see the value 03

6. Press DEL to delete the value 03 and enter the value 01

7. Click OK to save

8. Restart Explorer and you will see the Taskbar move from the bottom to the top edge

In order for the Taskbar to return to the bottom edge, you just need to change the value from 01 to 03. To move the Taskbar to the left or right you just need to change the value to 00 or 02. However, because the Windows 11 interface has not yet supported it, the Switching the Taskbar to the left or right will cause an error, you should consider before testing.

Note 1: Restarting Explorer is a required step, you cannot replace it by restarting the computer.

How to Restart Explorer

1. Press Ctlr + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager

2. In the Task Manager window, click More details so that it displays tabs with applications and services

3. Open the Processes tab, find Windows Explorer

4. Right-click Windows Explorer and select Restart

So that's it then!

Note 2: Currently there is no way to bring the Taskbar on Windows 11 to the left and right edges. We will update as soon as we find a solution.

Note 3: If the StuckRects3 key is not found, you can force the Windows 11 system to generate this key by right-clicking on the Taskbar, selecting Taskbar Settings and then changing any setting.

Good luck!

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