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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

BeWidgets - Best app to customize the look of Windows 11

Windows 11 has a feature called Widgets with the ability to display widgets for news, weather, traffic information, finance... However, these widgets are in a separate interface that users have to turn on. just seen. If you do anything else, the widget interface will disappear immediately.

In this article, will show you how to use BeWidgets, a tool that allows you to display widgets on the Windows 11 screen. It will help you customize the Windows 11 interface to be more beautiful and less boring. than.

Instructions for using BeWidgets on Windows 11

Step 1: Download the free BeWigets app from the Microsoft Store itself:

Link to download BeWidgets from Microsoft Store.

2. Open the application and click the New Widget button to add the widget you want. The app offers widgets such as time, date, images, financial information, weather and even shortcuts for you to access your favorite apps.

3. On the New Widget interface you will see Customize buttons to customize the widget, Remove button to remove and drop down menu for you to choose the widget you like.

4. After selecting the widget and bringing it to the screen, you can still adjust the parameters such as size, font, color to suit your preferences and background.

Adding widgets to the Windows desktop is not a new feature. Microsoft used to allow users to put widgets on the screen on Windows 7. However, this feature has since been removed. Hopefully with BeWidgets you will feel excited when once again bringing to Windows 11 the widgets you like.

Good luck!

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