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Monday, July 5, 2021

How to install Windows 11 Home without Microsoft account and internet

With Windows 11, Microsoft not only raised the hardware standard, but also made some tweaks to the installation process. Specifically, on the Windows 11 Home version, you will not be able to install without the internet and a Microsoft account. On the Windows 11 Pro version, Microsoft allows users to skip the internet connection step and can also enter a local account.

When installing Windows 11 to the OOBE screen requires internet and Microsoft account, Windows 11 Home will be different from 11 Pro. With the Home version you will not have the option "I don't have the internet to ignore" and the option to log in with a local account like on Windows 11 Pro.

Is there a way to get around Microsoft's somewhat absurd request? The answer is yes.

According to Neowin, when you get to the OOBE screen that requires an internet connection and a Microsoft account when installing Windows 11 Home, you just need to press the Alt + F4 key combination. After you click, the installer will take you to the local account setup OOBE page.

Apparently, Microsoft intentionally hid the local account settings option to force users to use a Microsoft account. However, there are many people who do not want to use the account of the software giant.

If you want to install to experience before Windows 11, you can follow these instructions:

How to register for Windows Insider Program to experience Windows 11 early

It is expected that Windows 11 will be officially launched later this year, but users who upgrade for free from copyrighted Windows 10 to Windows 11 may have to wait until early next year.

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