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Monday, July 5, 2021

6 things you can do with the Weather app on Windows 10

The Weather app on Windows 10 is built into the operating system and provides detailed weather-related information no matter where you are. The app's simple interface provides past, present and future weather and forecast data, as well as international weather news.

Furthermore, if you travel a lot, you can configure the Weather app on Windows 10 to display the temperature in your favorite places. Read this guide to learn how to get the most out of the Weather app in Windows 10!

Open the Weather app on Windows 10

The Weather app comes with Windows 10 and it's pinned to Start by default. So the easiest way to open the app is to click or tap on the app tile in the Start menu. You can also launch it from the Start Menu shortcut.

TIP: You can resize the Weather app's tile to include more or less data in the Start menu, depending on what you want.

Alternatively, you can find the Weather app in the taskbar's search field, then click on the relevant result.

A. Set your current location

1. When you launch the Weather app on Windows 10 for the first time, its default location is set to Washington, DC, as shown below. To change the location to your current location, first click Settings in the bottom left corner.

2. In the Launch Location section at the bottom, you can use the Default Location field to insert your location.

3. As soon as you start typing, the app will start showing suggestions for your location. Click or tap on one of the locations you're looking for.

4. Also, if you travel a lot and want the weather forecast available no matter where you are, click Always detect my location.

B. Convert between degrees Fahrenheit (°F) or degrees Celsius (°C)

The Weather app on Windows 10 can display the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit (°F) or degrees Celsius (°C). Just one click to switch between two types of temperature. Launch the app and click C or F on the app's home screen, next to the current temperature.

 Alternatively, open the Settings section of the app, as seen in the previous section. Then, in the Show temperature in: section, choose degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius.

The weather is displayed instantly according to your preferences.

C. Add favorite locations to the Weather app on Windows 10

If you want to track multiple locations, access the Favorites tab from the left sidebar.

1. At the top you can see the Launch Location discussed in the first section. Click the + (plus sign) icon in Favorite Places.

2. On the next screen, use the search field to start typing the location you want to add. Then, click or tap on it from the available suggestions.

3. As soon as you select a location, you'll be returned to the Favorites section, where you can see the location added in Favorite Places.

Repeat the process to get a weather overview for the locations you need.

D. View the weather map

If you are planning to take a road trip in your area or want to know the weather conditions in your country for the next 24 hours, you can benefit from the dynamic Maps tab. Just click or tap Maps from the left sidebar to open and view the weather forecast.

While this only shows the weather for your current location, you can always change the area from the top-right corner, as shown below.

In the upper left corner, click Temperature to open the drop-down list and select other map types for Precipitation, Satellite and Cloud (Precipitation, Satellite and Cloud).

E. Get historical weather data

If you're curious about the temperature patterns in your location, the Weather app on Windows 10 includes historical data. Visit the Historical Weather tab to see more data for the current month, such as average and record temperatures.

You can use the Month field to get the same values ​​for other times of the year, or simply click on the appropriate month from the chart.

Alternatively, you can choose to see a graph for average temperature, precipitation, or snow from the upper right corner.

F. Get the latest weather news inside the app

If you're worried about global warming or just want to know what's happening with weather around the world, go to the News tab. You can read international weather articles from popular websites about current weather conditions right inside the app. Just click or tap on any story that interests you to see more.

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