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Monday, January 18, 2021

How to Prevent Apps From Accessing Location on Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with built-in location services that share your location with specific apps for a better user experience. For example, if you use Cortana, the results may be based on your location, but this could be a privacy concern for many if not all. Windows 10 knows your current location, and it stores in a database for the apps so they can use it as needed, as far as the apps are allowed. If you want to disable your location services on Windows, here's what you can do.

How to turn off location access on Windows 10 
1. Press Windows Keys go to Windows Settings and click the Settings gear icon to the left of the Start menu.

2. Under Settings, click Privacy, then Locations in the lower left.

3. Now on the right side you can see the Location settings, just click the Change button and turn off Location access for this device using the slider shown below.

4. You can also allow or disallow apps to request location permissions, change the Location settings for each app after scrolling down the settings page.

That's it, the location service is now disabled, and no apps can access your location from your Windows device. You can also delete location history by clicking the Clear button, which will delete any location history stored on the device. To manually give apps access to the location, simply select the slider under Choose which apps can access your precise location.


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