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Monday, January 18, 2021

Windows 10 sync settings not working

Windows 10 offers synchronization that allows features like themes, passwords, language preferences, easy access, and a few other Windows 10 settings. It works on computers. Sometimes sync doesn't work, or sync option goes gray, or you get an error that could indicate that Sync isn't working or Sync isn't available for your account. This post will guide you on how to solve Windows 10 sync not working settings.

A. Verify your Microsoft account If the account was created recently, especially when setting up the account on a computer, it will have to be verified. Microsoft will either email or handle you through the verification process. If it hasn't been completed, the sync will fail.
  1. Go to Settings> Accounts> Your Info
  2. Find the link - Verify - and click it.
  3. When you click on it, it will prompt you to verify using the Authenticator app or Phone Number or any other way.
Once done, syncing will begin to work.
B. Use of a School or Work Account When you have a school or work account, the permission to turn sync on goes to the administrator. Many companies allow syncing on authorized devices, and some allow it to work only on a single device. However, if you need to, you will have to ask your administrator. These accounts will show no sync error with your account. C. Enable Microsoft account synchronization through Registry Editor or Group Policy If you've verified, and sync isn't working, you can use either a subscription method or Group Policy to turn sync on. Registration method 1. Open Registry Editor and navigate to the following path. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\SettingSync Create a new DWORD with the name - DisableSettingsSync - and set the value to 2.
As administrator, you can create another DWORD - DisableSettingSyncUserOverride and set the value to 2, - allowing the user to enable synchronization. Use Group Policy Group Policy allows windows 10 synchronous settings Open the Group Policy Editor and navigate to the following path: Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Sync your settings 
Locate the policy Do not Sync, and double click to open it. Set it to enable, and save it. If you are an administrator, you can check the box, allowing users to turn to sync on. 
D. Enable synchronization from Azure Active Directory Synchronization is also known as Roaming because it allows you to roam with your settings as you switch between computers. If you are part of Azure Active Directory, administrators can follow these steps to enable it.
  • Sign in to the Azure Active Directory.
  • Select Azure Active Directory > Devices > Enterprise State Roaming
  • Select Users can synchronize settings and application data across devices.
What does syncing your settings do in Windows 10? Sync settings allows you to synchronize Windows 10 settings, themes, passwords, languages, preferences, and other Windows settings. When you log on to another computer, verify yourself, all of those settings will appear on that computer. How do I enable sync settings in Windows 10? Go to Windows 10
Settings > Accounts > Sync your settings > Toggle on Sync settings option and whatever you want to sync. Why isn't my Microsoft account syncing? Maybe the administrator has turned sync off or off, or you haven't verified your account.

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