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Sunday, December 4, 2022

How to Get Apple iCloud Photos Into the Windows 11 Photos App

Microsoft has just rolled out a new update to the Photos app, which comes with iCloud Photos integration for all Windows 11 users. With this new feature, those who own an iPhone and use iCloud Photos to store photos. Photos and videos will now fully sync your digital library with your Windows PC. Windows 11's Photos app will now have a dedicated area for browsing and managing images stored in the linked iCloud Photos library, similar to how you can view photos from OneDrive.

With that said, integrating iCloud Photos with Windows 11 will allow users to use both iOS and Windows devices to conveniently access their photo storage. Before trying follow the steps below. Here, make sure your Windows 11 PC has been updated to version 22H2.

1. Update the Photos app through the Microsoft Store and then launch it. Click the iCloud Photos entry, then click the Get iCloud for Windows button.

2. If the iCloud Photos option isn't visible to you, navigate to the Photos app's settings menu and tap the switch that activates the Show iCloud Photos option.

3. Enter your Microsoft account ID and password, then press the Get button to download iCloud for Windows. When prompted, enter your iCloud account information to link your computer to your Apple ID. Then, click the Sign In button.

4. Apple will send a verification code to your iPhone or other Apple device associated with your iCloud account. Enter this code on your Windows PC then click Continue.

5. In the next iCloud window that appears, select the items you want to sync by ticking the corresponding options and clicking the Apply button when done.

6. Switch to the Photos app and see if it's downloading all your iCloud photos. Once the download is complete, you will see that all the photos on your iPhone are also available on your Windows PC.

All is as simple as that, wish you success!

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