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Monday, November 28, 2022

How to Fix Movies & TV App Not Working on Windows 10/11?

The Film & TV app is your default video app in Windows 11. Compared to its predecessor, Windows Media Player, it has more features and better usability. Unfortunately, many users experience the Film & TV app not working on their Windows 11 PCs.

If Film & TV on your system is slow or not working at all, here are some ways to help you get it running smoothly again.

1. Run Microsoft Store Apps troubleshooter

The first tool to repair Film & TV apps is the built-in Windows troubleshooter for UWP apps. The troubleshooter scans application files for common problems and recommends suitable solutions.

1. Open System Settings by pressing Windown Key + I.

2. In the System tab, scroll down and select the Troubleshoot option.

3. Select Other troubleshooters in the following window.

4. Scroll down to Microsoft Store Apps and click the Run button next to it.

The troubleshooter will scan your system for any existing problems and suggest fixes. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform successful fixes.

2. Check for any available app updates

Windows regularly receives updates for all UMP applications. New updates enhance the performance of the application and eliminate bugs.

1. Open Microsoft Store.

2. Type Film & TV in the search bar and press Enter.

3. If there are any updates available, you will see an Update button below the app name. Click it to download the update.

After downloading and installing the update, restart your computer and check if the problem persists.

3. Check system settings

Most UWP apps, including the Film & TV app, won't work if the time, date language, and region settings on your computer are incorrect. You will have to configure these settings correctly for the application to work again. Here's how to do it:

1. Open System Settings and select Time & language from the left panel.

2. Select Date & time, then change the date and time manually 

3. Next, select Language & region, then select your country and language.

All operations are completed. Check if the problem is fixed or not.

4. Delete temporary files on your computer

Programs and applications store their temporary files in the Temp folder. But sometimes, this folder can get corrupted and cause various problems, including ongoing errors.

The solution in this case is to delete the contents of the Temp folder.

1. Open the Run dialog box, type Temp in the search bar and click OK.

2. Press Ctrl + A to select all files and folders, then press Shift + Delete to delete them permanently.

5. Restore default libraries

Film & TV will crash or won't open at all if you've deleted one of the default libraries. You will have to restore the default libraries to fix the problem. To do this, follow the instructions below:

1. Press Windows Key + E to open Windows Explorer.

2. Click on the three dots at the top and select Options.

3. Switch to the View tab.

4. In the Advanced settings section, scroll down and select the Show libraries option.

5. Click Apply > OK.

6. Click Libraries in the left panel.

7. Right-click each library and select Delete from the context menu.

8. Right click on Libraries again in the left panel, select Show more options > Restore default libraries.

All library data has now been restored. Now check if the problem persists.

6. Reset Film & TV app

Windows 11 comes with a reset option that you can use to get rid of most UWP app problems. When you reset a UWP app, it will automatically be restored to its default settings.

1. Open System Settings and select Apps from the left panel.

2. Select the Installed apps option in the following window.

3. Locate and click on the three dots next to the Film & TV app.

4. Select Advanced options from the context menu.

5. Scroll down and click the Reset button. Then, click the Reset button again to confirm your choice.

All operations are completed. Launch the Film & TV app and check if the problem is fixed. If you still have problems, use the Repair option. The repair option allows you to repair the program installation without the hassle of reinstalling.

To repair the Film & TV app, go to Start > System Settings > Apps > Apps and features. Here, locate and click the three dots next to the Film & TV app. Select Advanced options from the pop-up menu.

Next, scroll down and click the Repair button to start the process. After the application is repaired, you will see a check mark next to the Repair button.

7. Reinstall the Films & TV app

Most likely the Films & TV app is unresponsive due to its files being corrupted. The best solution in this case is to reinstall the app.

Unfortunately, UWP apps don't have the classic Uninstall button. So you will have to use a command line tool like Windows PowerShell to uninstall the Films & TV app. Here's how to do it:

1. Launch the Start menu by pressing the Win key.

2. In the search bar, type Windows PowerShell and select Run as administrator from the right pane to open PowerShell with admin rights.

3. In the PowerShell window with admin rights, enter the following command and press Enter. This command will uninstall the Films & TV application from your computer.

get-appxpackage *Microsoft.ZuneVideo* | remove-appxpackage

4. Next, open the Microsoft Store and search for the Films & TV app.

5. Click the Get button next to the Films & TV app to start the download process.

Once the application is installed on your computer, launch it and check if the problem persists.

You can do a lot on the revamped Films & TV app. It has a brand new user interface and allows you to play videos online as well as offline. However, sometimes the application may not be able to load the video or stop working completely.

Thankfully, you can quickly reset or reinstall the Films & TV app to bring it back to life. Alternatively, you can try other media players for Windows 11.

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