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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Camera Roll Folder Missing In Windows 11 FIX

If you don't see the Camera Roll folder on your Windows 11/10 PC, here are some fixes that can help you resolve this issue. In such cases, when you use Windows 11/10 Camera app, you may receive error code 0xA00F4275.

What is Camera Roll in Windows 11/10?

In a word, if you take a photo with the Camera app, it will be saved to the Camera Roll folder. You can find this folder in your "Pictures" folder.

It may happen that the Camera Roll folder is deleted or corrupted for some reason. In such cases, you may need to implement one or more of these recommendations.

Change Camera Roll folder location

If you think that the Camera Roll folder is not getting created in the default location for some reason, you can create a new Camera Roll folder in a new location. 

1. Press Window Keys + I to open the Settings panel 

2. Navigate to System > Storage

3. Click on the Change where new content is saved option under More storage settings.

4. Look for the option that says New photos and videos will save to. Click the drop-down menu and select a drive where you want to save. 

5. Make sure that the new drive is different from the C drive or system drive. Now, all your captured images will be saved in [new drive] > Computer > Pictures > Camera Roll folder.

Create a new Camera Roll folder

By default, the Windows 11/10 Camera app creates the Camera Roll folder automatically even if you delete it by mistake. However, if you do not see such a folder in its default location, you can create a new Camera Roll folder.

1. Click the C:\ drive

2. Create a new folder

3. Folder name : Photos
4. Now, right-click on this folder > select Include in library > Camera Roll.

5 Now you can see the Camera Roll folder


Check Camera Roll file permission

If you can see the Camera Roll folder in Photos, but still receive the same error message, you may need to check the folder's permissions. To do so, right-click the Camera Roll folder and select Properties. Then switch to the Security tab. Select the username you are currently using below the username or group name box and check if Write is selected. If you can't find the Write permission, you need to follow this guide to get ownership.

Hope this is useful!

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