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Thursday, June 23, 2022

How To Enable New Progressive Ring Boot Animation In Windows 11

When Windows 11 starts or boots, the default boot screen (boot screen) is displayed containing animated circles. Some Windows users know that Windows 11 also comes with an alternate animated boot screen called continuous ring animation.

By default, you'll see the doted boot kick in when you start your computer, and the progressive loop animation remains hidden. Microsoft added this new secret boot screen animation in older builds of Windows 11 (build 22449) and later stable builds of Windows 11.

As mentioned above, by default, the new boot animation is still disabled and you will see the classic dot animation on the Windows 11 start screen. However, if needed, you can tweak it. Edit the Registry to enable and enable the new progressive ring animation on the Windows 11 start screen.

Initially, the progressive circle animation was suggested for Windows 10, but due to some reason the plan was dropped. It's still hidden on Windows 11, but you can enable it using a registry tweak if needed.

How to Enable New Progressive Ring Boot Animation in Windows 11?

1. Press the Start key, search for Registry Editor and click on the relevant result. 

2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control. You can copy the path and paste it into the Regedit address bar.

3. Then, right-click on the Controls folder and select New > Key. The above action will create a new folder in the Control folder. Name the new folder BootControl

4. Then, right click on the BootControl folder and select DWORD Value (32-bit) to create a new DWORD value. 

5. Name the DWORD value BootProgressAnimation.

6. Next, double-click the newly created DWORD value type 1 in the Value Data field. Press the Ok button to save the changes.

7. Finally, close Registry Editor and restart the computer.

After rebooting, you should see the new boot animation in Windows 11.

That's it. It's simple to enable new boot screen animations in Windows 11.

I hope this simple guide to using Windows 11 helps you.

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