How to Change Mouse Pointer Size & Style in Windows 11 - Windows Basics


Thursday, June 30, 2022

How to Change Mouse Pointer Size & Style in Windows 11

The mouse pointer is a small component, but can greatly affect the user experience on Windows in general. For example, if your mouse pointer is too hard to see, following the action on the screen will definitely not be good. This article will show you how to resize and customize the mouse pointer style in Windows 11.

1. First you need to open the Windows Settings app by pressing the Windows Keys  + I combination

2. When the Settings application interface opens, look to the list on the left and click on the Accessibility item. In the Accessibility settings screen, which appears respectively on the right, click on the item Mouse Pointer and Touch.

2. On the Mouse Pointer and Touch settings screen, you can easily adjust the mouse pointer on the screen to be larger or smaller by using the Size slider. Click the circle on the slider and drag and drop until the pointer is the size you want.

3. To change the style of the mouse pointer, use the options listed in the “Mouse Pointer Style” section. You will have 4 options: White, Black, Inverted, Custom. With the following specific meanings:

  • White: Your mouse pointer will be white with a black outline. This is the default option.
  • Black: Your mouse pointer will be black with a white outline.
  • Inverted: The mouse pointer will automatically change to the opposite color of the areas you hover over. For example, if you hover over an area with a black background, the mouse pointer will automatically turn white and vice versa.
  • Custom: You can choose the color of the mouse pointer to your liking.

4. If you click on the Custom option (the cursor is colored), you can select the cursor color from the Recommended Colors list by clicking each color option you want. Or you can also choose a custom color by tapping the plus sign (“+”) button next to Choose another color.

After you have set up the mouse pointer as you like, close Settings. Your changes are automatically saved.

In case you need to adjust the mouse pointer size or style, just go back to the Settings app and navigate to Accessibility > Mouse Pointer and Touch and make the customizations as outlined above.

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