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Sunday, June 12, 2022

How to Always Start Microsoft Edge in InPrivate Browsing Mode on Windows 10

If you use Microsoft Edge on a shared Windows 10 computer and want to keep your browsing history private, you can make Edge always launch in InPrivate mode.

What is InPrivate Mode?

InPrivate is the name of Microsoft Edge's private browsing mode. While using InPrivate, Edge clears your local browsing history when you close all browser windows. Bookmarks and downloaded files will be kept, unless you delete them manually. This mode also prevents Bing searches from being associated with your Microsoft account.

However, InPrivate does not prevent Internet activity tracking. Your website, ISP, or organizations that host your network (such as a school or office) can still see web activity, either by tracking your IP address or through other methods.

How to Always Start Microsoft Edge in InPrivate Mode on Windows 10

To launch Edge already in InPrivate mode, you need to change the command line option in an Edge launch shortcut. While that sounds scary, it's actually very simple.

First, find the shortcut you use to launch Edge. It can be on the Start menu, desktop, or on the taskbar. You need to change its properties.

For example, if you have an Edge icon pinned to your taskbar, right-click it. When a menu appears, right-click the Microsoft Edge text, then select Properties.

The Properties window will appear. In the Shortcut tab, locate the text box next to the word Target, which contains the path to the Edge app that you run every time the shortcut is clicked.

You will have to add something to the end of the path in the Target box. Click on it and position the cursor on the right side. Press space and type -inprivate after the path listed in the Target box.

The box should now include the path to the Edge app, followed by a space, a dash, and the word inprivate at the end.

Click OK to close the Properties window. (If you get a warning when you click Apply, ignore it and click OK instead).

The next time you open Edge from a shortcut, the app will start in InPrivate mode.

Please note that Edge will only start in InPrivate mode if you launch it from a shortcut that you have modified.

If you're having trouble launching Edge from a modified shortcut, check to make sure there's no typo in the Target box. If you still have problems after that, delete the old shortcut, create a new shortcut and try the modification again.

How to remove InPrivate mode

If you want Edge to relaunch in normal mode, you can open the shortcut and remove the -inprivate option in the Target path, or just delete the shortcut and create a new one.

Once you've got that all worked out, consider setting up a per-user Windows 10 account on the machine. You can worry less about keeping your browsing history private and also customize your Windows 10 experience the way you want.

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