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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

We Couldn’t Connect to the Update Service in Windows 11/10 FIX

If you are trying to update your Windows 11/10 machine but receive a message We couldn’t connect to the update service, We’ll try again later, or you can check now, If it doesn’t work, make sure you’re connected to the internet here are a few things you could try to fix the issue.

Although this problem mainly occurs when you do not have a valid internet connection, many times, it may also happen due to no reason at all. If you click on the “Retry” button, you will end up getting the same error on your screen.

As we all know, Microsoft is releasing Windows 11/10 patches from time to time for fixing bugs and for adding new stability improvements, security add-ons, and features or dedicated capabilities.

In most situations, the updates are running in the background and are applied automatically.

A. Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter

If you are using Windows 11, 

1. Press Windows Keys + I to open Windows Settings

2. Go to System > Troubleshoot > Other troubleshooters.

However, if you're using Windows 10, 

1. Open Windows Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot. 

2. Microsoft has included this page to fix various problems with your computer. You can run different Troubleshooters to fix different problems. Among them you can find the Windows Update Troubleshooter. Click the Run troubleshooter button.

It will open a window and you need to follow the instructions on the screen.


B. Restart Windows Update Service
1. Search for Services in the Taskbar search box. Open a Service Manager window and find out the Windows Update Service. 
2. Double-click it to open its Properties box. You will see a status of Running or Stopped.
  • If it is Stopped, you need to click the Start button.
  • If it is running, you need to click Stop and Start button to restart the service.
C. Change DNS address
This problem is most probably related to Domain Name System (DNS) that makes it possible for you to open websites and access internet services. And the problem with DNS addresses can make services such as Windows Update temporarily unavailable.
1. Press Windows Keys + R, type ncpa.cpl, and ok to open network connections window.
2. Right-click the network interface which is in use. For example: right-click the connected ethernet adapter displayed on the screen. Select Properties.
3. Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from the list to get its properties window.
4. Here select the radio button Use the following DNS server addresses
  • Preferred DNS server
  • Alternate DNS server
5. Click on validate settings upon exit and ok
Now check for updates, there is no more Update service error
D. Internet Connection troubleshooter
Again It may be possible that this is caused by an internet connection issue. Run the troubleshooter just to be sure.  You can run the Internet troubleshooter, by following the same steps as:

If you are using Windows 11, 

1. Press Windows Keys + I to open Windows Settings

2. Go to System > Troubleshoot > Other troubleshooters.

 If you're using Windows 10, 

1. Open Windows Settings > Update and Security > Troubleshoot > Internet Connections

2. Run the troubleshooter and let windows check and fix the problem for you.

After complete the process Restart windows and check again for Windows updates, let us know this helps or not.

Hope something helps.

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