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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

How to Fix Windows 11/10 Freezes And Unresponsive When IDLE

If your Windows 11/10 computer hangs and becomes unresponsive in standby mode or the computer hangs and becomes unresponsive and when you try to return to work from idle mode and windows cannot start or slow or laggy or screen flickering problem or any other Windows 11/10 error then you need to follow these simple steps to fix the problem

A. Disable apps from startup in Task Manager

1. Right click on windows taskbar and select task manager

2. Select Startup Tab in Task Manager

3. Turn off applications that are using too much memory when starting windows 11/10

4. Click on the application or software that you do not want to start at startup and disable the programs on startup.

5. To disable the application on startup -> Select the application and click disable at the bottom of the task manager window

B. Stop apps running in the background

1. In the search window, type apps and features and open it.

2. Scroll down and you will see all the apps running in the background.

3. Now go ahead and remove all unused apps from here.

C. Adjust Appearance and performance of Windows

1. In windows 11/10 search type in adjust the appearance and performance of Windows and open these settings.

2. Now click on the Adjust for best performance

3. Click Apply and Ok

D. Control Panel and Change Power Plan Settings

1. In windows 11 search control panel and open it.

2. Set your view by the large icon in the control panel.

3. Select Power Options

4. Now select high performance and apply changes and ok and exit all windows

E. Clear Your Temp Files

Every time we delete or uninstall an application on our system, it tends to leave behind a few residual temp files. These temp files pile up and can hamper the overall performance of your system. Therefore, you must delete temporary files after deleting any application or program on your system.

Also, these temp files tend to clog up your storage space. Windows 11 has many other temporary file types, including those leftover files after installing a new version, upgrade logs, error reporting, temporary Windows installation files, and more.

1. Right-click on the Start Menu. Select Settings

2. Go to SystemTap on Storage

3. Locate the Local Disk section. Click on the Temporary Files action

4. Select all the temporary files you want to remove

When selected, click on the option which reads Remove Files. 

Now, the system will automatically remove all the junk files on your system. 

F. Run SFC Command

At times, your PC freezes randomly because it might have skipped or missed some files when you upgrade over to Window 11. Also, it might have installed a few corrupted files that can be causing your pc to freeze randomly. In such cases, running an SFC scan can help repair these files and fix the issue. 

1. Go to the Start Menu Type cmd and Run as Administrator

2. Inside cmd, enter the following command

sfc /scannow

3. Press Enter

Your PC will now start searching for missing, skipped, or corrupt files in the system and will repair them automatically. Restart your system post completion of the scan


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