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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

How To Restore The Dislike Button On YouTube

In an effort to reduce the level of bullying on its platform, Youtube has made the wise decision to remove the dislikes but with a simple tool you can turn the dislikes back on youtube again. Although you can see a dislike button, the number of dislikes, i.e. how many times the video has been disliked, is no longer available. Essentially, this means that the only function the dislike button serves is to let the user tell the algorithm which videos it shouldn't recommend.

The number of dislikes on Youtube is turned off.

An important factor that youtube overlooks here is how helpful the number of dislikes is when determining the authenticity or quality of a video. On the platform of incentivizing user-generated content, the dislike button serves as an important tool for making the distinction between good content and bad content. Fortunately however using a simple plugin will allow the user to re-enable the visibility of the dislikes count, fetching the total number of dislikes. Here's how to turn Dislikes back on on Youtube.

Turn Dislikes back on on Youtube.

As of now, the plugin that allows dislike on youtube is only supported for Chrome and Firefox, and its installation will vary slightly depending on the browser.

Install the plugin on Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Brave

Although a version of the plugin is available on the official Chrome web store, it is an outdated version and is subject to bugs and glitches. To install the latest/updated version of the plugin, follow these simple steps:

1. Open Chrome and go to, find and download the latest plugin version.

2. Click Chrome. Then click 

3. Now restart chrome and go to Youtube check dislike button

That all!


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