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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Fix error 0x8007007f and 0x800F0830 - 0x20003 when installing Windows 11

Existing users can upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10 or download the Windows 10 ISO file to install. However, some users have encountered problems installing Windows 11.

Specifically, when installing Windows 11 users encounter error messages with codes 0x8007007f and 0x800F0830 - 0x20003. These are generic error codes, it is difficult for the user to determine where the problem lies.

If you encounter these problems when installing Windows 11, you can follow the instructions of to see if they can be fixed.

How to fix error 0x8007007f

Error 0x8007007f appears when users download and run the Installation Assistant tool on devices that are eligible to install Windows 11. For most users, simply running the Installation Assistant again as an administrator will solve the problem. and allow this tool to download and install Windows 11.

In addition, there is also the possibility that error 0x8007007f is related to certain drivers that are already installed. To solve, you can restart the device or restart the installation process. You can also try going to the manufacturer's website to download and install the drivers manually.

Another solution that you can consider is to download the Windows 11 ISO file and mount it in File Explorer then run setup.exe.

How to fix error 0x800F0830 - 0x20003

According to speculation, error 0x800F0830 - 0x20003 is also related to drivers and currently there is no best solution.

If you are facing problems during the Windows 11 upgrade process that we haven't covered yet, try downloading the Windows 11 ISO file, then mount it and perform the upgrade in place. This solution is supposed to fix quite a few problems.

If you don't upgrade to Windows 11 and stick with Windows 10, you'll continue to receive security updates from Microsoft until 2025.

Also, if your computer is eligible but still haven't seen an upgrade to Windows 11, don't panic. Microsoft usually rolls out updates in batches, not in a massive fashion. It is expected that between now and mid-2022 Microsoft will complete the Windows 11 update process for eligible Windows 10 computers.

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