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Friday, September 24, 2021

How to Fix This Device Is Disabled (Code 22) In Windows 10

Error Code 22 is just another name for the "This device is disabled" error. This error is most commonly caused by a hardware device failure on Windows 10. When your system lacks some resources and cannot run a particular hardware device, you may encounter this error on your Windows PC. me.

There are several ways you can fix this problem. We have listed all possible solutions in this post that can guide you in troubleshooting. However, one of the most effective methods is to use the “Enable Device” option in Device Manager.

Method 1: Enabling the Service inside Device Manager

1. Right-click the Start menu and select Device Manager from the context menu that appears on the screen. An alternative to opening Device Manager is through the Run box. You just need to type devmgmt.msc in the text box and press Enter.

2. In the Device Manager window, find the corresponding device that you need to fix. Let's say you want to fix your printer driver or your CD drive is disabled. Right click on the device name, select the option Enable Device

Following the steps outlined above will most likely fix the “This device is disabled” error on Windows 10. But if you are still facing some issues, continue with our next set of solutions. .

Method 2: Update the Device Driver

You can also try updating the respective device's driver to see if that fixes the problem.

1. Press Windows key + R to open up a Run dialog box. Next, type devmgmt.msc inside the text box, then press Enter to open Device Manager.

2. Inside Device Manager, scroll down through the list of devices and right-click on the listing that is showing you this error. Next, from the context menu that just appeared, click on Properties from the context menu.

3. Once you’re inside the Properties screen, access the Driver tab from the menu at the top, then click on the Update Driver button.

4. Once you get to the next screen, click on Search automatically for updated driver software.

5. Once you do this, wait for the initial scan to complete. If a new driver version is found, follow the on-screen prompts to install the newer driver version on your computer.

6. Restrart PC


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