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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Core Isolation Memory Integrity Fails to Enable FIX

Core isolation's memory integration is a great security feature, but you may not be able to enable it if the WD driver is interfering with the core isolation mechanism. The full error message is:

Core Isolation Memory Integrity Fails to Enable Because of Incompatible Driver ‘WDCSAM64_PREWIN8.SYS’

The problem arose when the user tried to enable Core Isolation's Memory Integration with no success and when looking at the incompatible drivers he discovered the problem was generated by the WD driver. The problem is not limited to a specific system manufacturer and a message like the one below is mentioned:

Before moving to the Core Isolation-enabled solution, make sure that virtualization is enabled in your system's BIOS (you may have to enable SVM in the BIOS' Overclocking page, if available).

Solution: Uninstall the problematic WD driver and remove it from the DriverStore

1. Power off your system and connect any hardware (especially WD storage drives) used to the system.

2. Then, power on your system (better boot your system clean) and log in with an administrator account.

3. Then right-click the Windows button and in the Quick Access menu select Device Manager.

4. Now expand the View menu and select Show Hidden Devices..

5. Then disable WD Ses Devices (under WD Drive Management). Also, make sure to disable any WD Devices in Storage Controllers, Drives and Other Devices (active or hidden).

6. Now uninstall all WD devices (disabled in the last step) and when uninstalling don't forget to tick Delete the Driver Software of This Device

7. Then right click on the Windows button and select Apps & Features.

8. Now uninstall any WD apps (like Smartware, WD Backup, etc.).

9. Then right-click the Windows button and select File Explorer.

10 Now navigate to the following path (where C is your system drive):


11. Then take ownership (from your System account to your user account) of the file wdcsam64_prewin8.sys (make sure you have full control) and if you can't take ownership try Try to take ownership in safe mode of your system.

12. Now delete the file wdcsam64_prewin8.sys and repeat the same with any other directories starting from WDCSAM.INF in the FileRepository directory.

13. Then search for wdcsam64_prewin8.sys in the File Explorer search (while This PC is selected) and delete all the files brought up by the search.

14. Now check if Core Isolation can be enabled.

15. If not, power off your system and remove all unnecessary devices (especially WD storage devices).

16. Then, power on your system and check if Core Isolation can be activated.

If the problem reappears, try removing any hidden WD devices from Device Manager and hope that you can enable Core Isolation without any problems.

If the problem persists, then you can use Autoruns to determine if any of the startup entries are causing the problem. Remember that after enabling Core Isolation, you can use the WD device after reinstalling its drivers.


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