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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

YouTube Video Paused Continue Watching - How To Disable In Google Chrome

In 2019, Google updated YouTube with a new video reminder feature. That prompt says, Video paused. Continue watching? Well, what a great feature - I don't think!

The Paused Video prompt pops up in the browser while the video is still playing for a certain period of time inactive. That prompt pauses videos that are still playing in background YouTube tabs.

However, the Paused Videos feature doesn't work well for YouTube users. Some of them want to have their YouTube music video playlist play in background tabs, and this reminder can be very annoying.

Furthermore, some YT users have also mentioned on Google forums that the frequency of Video reminders is increasing.

YouTube doesn't include any built-in option to turn off that prompt, so this tutorial will cover this topic for all browsers.

Note: To make this process easy, make sure that the browser you are trying to add the extension to is set as your default option. If you want to install the extension in a browser other than your default one, copy-paste the link for the extension shown here.

How do I stop YouTube from pausing My continue watching?

Add the YouTube NonStop extension to your browser

A. Google Chrome

1. Open the add-on's online store page.

2. Click the Add to Chrome button.

3. Click the Add extensions button to confirm.

4. If you use Chrome on other devices, select the option Turn on sync to sync extensions with them.


B. Firefox

1. Open the YouTube NonStop site.

2. Click the Add to Firefox option.

3. Select the Add option for further confirmation.

C. Edge

1. First, click the Settings button and more in Edge.

2. Click on Extensions to open the tab in the photo directly below.

3. Toggle option Allow an extension from other stores if it is disabled.

4. Next, open the YouTube NonStop extension page for Google Chrome.

5. Click Add to Chrome to add the extension to Edge.

6. Select the option Add extensions to confirm.

D. Opera

1. First, open the Google Chrome extension settings page in Opera.

2. Click the Add to Opera button.

3. Then, open the YouTube NonStop Chrome extension page in Opera.

4. Click the option Add to Chrome and Add Extensions.

Note: You can also add the YouTube NonStop extension to Vivaldi in the same way as in Opera.

So that's how you can turn off the Silly Video prompt to pause YouTube playback. You can then listen to your YouTube playlist in background tabs without having to pause the video as often.

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