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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

How to Remove Profile Icon in Google Chrome Browser

Don't like the user profile icon in Google Chrome browser? Here's how you can delete profile icons in Google Chrome.

When it comes to browsers, Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers like Edge Chromium are king of market share, compatibility with different web technologies and features. One of the most useful features of Chrome and Edge Chromium is that you can create different user profiles. Each user profile runs independently of the other profiles so you don't have to share your browsing data or extensions with other users. You can even sign in to your Google or Microsoft account to sync browser data between devices.

When you create a new user profile in Chrome, the browser adds a profile icon next to the address bar and just before the Menu icon. This makes it easy to locate user profiles and switch to another profile if needed. In general, the user profile icons are imported directly from your Google account, if you are already signed in. If you are not logged in, a random image will be selected from the menu.If you don't want the user profile icon to appear front and center in Chrome, you can remove it.

1. Launch Chrome with any profile and click the photo icon at the top. This is the icon next to the three dot icon.

2. Select Manage people from the menu.

3. The profile manager window will open. Move your mouse over the profile you want to delete and click the three dots icon. 

4. Select Remove this person.

5. A confirmation box appears, showing you detailed information about saved passwords, bookmarks, browsing history, etc. If the profile is correct, click Remove this person.

Note: Don't delete your main profile. Double-check before clicking the Remove this person button.

6. If there are many different profiles than yours, please delete them, as shown above. After all profiles are deleted except for your profile, the image on the Chrome icon will disappear.


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