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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

How to Fix Rdbss.Sys Blue Screen (Rdr File System) in Windows 10

Most blue screens of death happen due to drivers. It can happen when you update an existing driver to the latest version or when you plan to upgrade to the next Windows 10 feature update. One such problem is the Blue Screen RDR FILE SYSTEM on Windows 10 and in this post we will share many solutions to the problem. You will need administrative privileges to resolve the issue.

Check for the RDR_FILE_SYSTEM error with value 0x00000027. This indicates that the problem has occurred in the SMB redirector file system.

This issue occurs because the redirected drive cache subsystem (Rdbss.sys) driver, is the kernel mode file system driver.

One possible cause of this error checking is exhaustion of paged group memory. If the unequipped group memory is completely exhausted, this error can stop the system. However, during indexing, if the amount of un-paged group memory available is very low, another kernel mode driver that requires the group memory not to be paged may cause this error:

Solution 1. Update the driver

This method can fix the 0x00000027 RDR_FILE_SYSTEM BSOD error caused by popular drivers, especially Video, WiFi and Network drivers. Please refer to the following steps to update these drivers:

1. Press Windows Key+ X  and then select Device Manager

2. Expand categories like Display adapters and Network adapters. Then right click on the devices listed below them and select Update driver.

3. When prompted, click Search automatically for updated driver software and wait until Windows downloads and installs the updates. Then restart your PC to see if the issue is resolved

Solution 2. Check for Recently Installed Software

Many software installed recently, especially those related to GPU and memory intensive interactions, caused BSOD. If that program is a program you installed before you started causing your system problems, then you can find it in the Programs and Features section.

1. Type control into the Run, then press the Enter key

2. Click Programs or Programs and Features (depending on the look of the console)

3. Then click on Uninstall a program. It will display the list of software installed on the PC.

Note: Click Installed above to sort in descending order.

Now you need to check if there are any programs that might have problems and delete them one by one to solve the problem. Make sure they're recent, not a few months old

Solution 3. Run SFC and DISM to Repair System Files

The SFC and DISM command lines can repair system files, including various drivers. System File Checker will replace corrupt, lost or altered system files with good system files, while DISM can recover corrupted system files when the network is connected. Please follow below steps to repair system files:

1. Type cmd into Windows search box and right-click on Command Prompt. Then, select Run as administrator to open Command Prompt.

2. Type sfc / scannow and press the Enter key. Then wait until the process is finished.

3. If the SFC doesn't work for you. You can use DISM. Just type the following commands one after another and press Enter.

exe / Online / Cleanup-image / Scanhealth

exe / Online / Cleanup-image / Restorehealth


Solution 4. Check for Disk Error

In certain cases, the 0x00000027 RDR_FILE_SYSTEM error can be caused by corrupt files and folders on your hard drive and therefore you need to check the disk for the error. To do that, you can use the CHKDSK command. Please refer to the following steps:

1. Type cmd into Windows search box and right-click on Command Prompt. Then, select Run as administrator to open Command Prompt.

 2. In the Command Prompt window, type CHKDSK *: / f and press Enter. Please note that "*" represents the drive letter of the specific drive you want to scan and repair, and you should replace it accordingly. This command will scan your computer's drive for errors and try to fix any errors it detects.

If you cannot access Windows 10 due to the RDR_FILE_SYSTEM error, you need to do the following:

  • Restart your computer a couple of times while it boots up. This will initiate the Automatic Repair process.
  • Select Troubleshooting> Advanced Options> Command Prompt.
  • When the Command Prompt starts, enter chkdsk / f / r F: to perform a chkdsk scan. Make sure to do chkdsk for all hard drive partitions you have.

Solution 5. Test RAM or Add Memory Bar

If there is an error on your memory or your physical memory is low, 0x00000027 RDR_FILE_SYSTEM will also occur. In this case, you should check and repair your memory or add a physical memory stick. Please follow the steps below to test your memory:

1. Type Windows Memory Diagnostics into the search box and double-click the best match to open it

2. When the Windows Memory Diagnostics tool pops up, select Restart now and check for problem. After that, your computer will restart and Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool will automatically perform the RAM check.

If the test fails, you might consider replacing the memory stick. Also, if your memory stick is too small (usually under 4 GB), then it's time to replace the memory stick. Please follow the steps below to check your storage capacity:

1. Open File Explorer.

2. Right-click on This PC and select Properties. Then you can get an interface as shown below

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