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Thursday, September 24, 2020

How to Display Day of the Week on Windows 10 Taskbar

Everyone who has ever used a computer has seen a clock in the taskbar, but did you know that you can customize the display? Instead of moving your mouse to see the day of the week, you can also set the clock to display by default.

You can also use this trick to do something stupid, such as write your name on the watch in the taskbar or leave a joking message for your friends, but today we will just shows you how to make your watch more useful.

You should be aware that Windows uses this field in many other ways. So if you enter something strange in this field, it could be accidentally set as your date format in outgoing email or so.

Display the day of the week on the Windows 10 taskbar

Complete the instructions below to make your Windows 10 taskbar display the day of the week in addition to the date and time.

1. Open the Settings app. Navigate to Time & Language> Region.

2. In the relevant Settings section, click on the link for Additional date, time & region settings. Clicking on the link opens the Clock and Classic Region window.

3. Here, in the Region section, click the link Change date, time, or number format link.

4. In the Format tab, click the Additional Settings button to open the Format Customization dialog box.

5. Switch to the Date tab. In the Date format section, next to Short Date field, add ddd (for weekday short date format) or dddd (if you want to see long weekday format) at the beginning, followed by dash (reference below image). For example adding ddd to show Thursday only, and adding ddd to show Thursday. Once done, click the Apply button.

If the day of the week is not visible, please restart your computer once after saving your work.

Note: You can configure Windows 10 to completely hide the clock from the taskbar. To do that, go to Settings> Personalization> Taskbar, click the Enable or disable system icon link, and then turn off the toggle button next to the clock.


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