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Thursday, September 17, 2020

How To Download Windows Live Movie Maker On Windows 10/8/7

As you likely know, Movie Maker is part of the Windows Live Essentials program, and Microsoft hasn’t updated Live Essentials since 2012. In fact, in 2012, Microsoft discontinued the Windows Live brand for some unknown reasons.
If you upgraded your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 installation to Windows 10 and now wondering if Live Movie Maker is compatible with the latest version of Windows, then you will be surprised to know that Movie Maker is fully compatible with Windows 10. You can install and use Movie Maker on Windows 10, just like on previous Windows versions without any issues. The popular Live Mail can also be installed on Windows 10.
Windows Live Movie Maker features
With Windows Movie Maker, you can easily edit import and edit videos and slide shows, add and edit audio, edit your video by trimming, splitting, or slowing it down, and once done, you can upload the video to popular video sharing sites like YouTube.
Follow the given below directions to download and install Movie Maker on Windows 10. Meanwhile, if you’re relatively new to Live Movie Maker, don’t forget to check out Live Movie Maker tutorials to brush up your movie editing skills.
Please note that installing Movie Maker also installs Photo Gallery software. The Photo Gallery is a powerful program to view and edit images.
UPDATE 2017: Microsoft has discontinued Windows Live Movie Maker, and other Windows Live programs. These programs are no longer available for download from Microsoft. So, we have linked to a safe third-party website from where you can download the setup file.
How do I download and install Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10?
Installing Windows Movie Maker is quite simple, and if you have Windows Photo Gallery installed, you probably have Windows Movie Maker as well since the two are bundled together.
We explained how to install Windows Photo Gallery on Windows 10 and since both applications have identical installation procedure we’ll keep this one brief.
1. Download Windows Live Essentials and start the setup.
2. Installing .NET Framework 3.5
3. Make sure to select Choose the programs you want to install option.
4. Make sure to select only Photo Gallery and Movie Maker and click the Install button.
5. Wait for the installation to finish.
Again, if you have Windows Photo Gallery installed, you most likely have Windows Movie Maker installed as well, so there’s no need to install it.
Once you install the application, you can easily start it simply by double clicking the Movie Maker shortcut.
Once the application starts, you can add photos and videos to to your current project. You can also add music from your computer or from several online services.

In addition, you can also add audio narration, sound files, as well your webcam video. Of course, there’s an option to add titles, captions and credits to your movies.

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