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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Windows 10: Where Are Themes Stored

Desktop themes have been around since Windows 7 – they usually include things like wallpapers, sound schemes, icons, screensavers and even entire colour schemes for your machine.
You can grab themes you like from the Windows store, or you can customise one and make your own. Whichever you prefer, you can easily find the ones you have at the moment by going to the folder where they are stored.
Windows 10 can be customized using themes, wallpapers, and lock screen images. Just like any other wallpapers and lock screen images, Windows 10 stores Themes in a dedicated location. They are like an archive file that stores wallpapers, pictures, effects, and audio files.
Where does Windows 10 store Themes
When creating or modifying themes using Windows 10 Personalization feature, you must have changed the wallpaper, sound, and other things. Once adjusted, they can be saved under a different name. Every theme you install is available under a different name, and a new theme file is created.

If you want to share a beautiful theme you created with someone else or want to copy it to another computer, there is no direct option. That’s why it becomes necessary to find the Windows 10 Store Themes
1. Open RUN prompt.
2. Copy-paste the following  and hit Enter:
File Explorer will open with a list of folders and theme files.
You can copy these files and place them in the same location, but on a different computer and they will appear in Windows 10 Settings > Personalization > Themes.
When you download a theme from Windows 10 Store, it will be available in this folder.
I downloaded the Autumn Colors theme from the Microsoft store. It became available in an Autumn Co subfolder under this folder:
The wallpapers were present in the “DesktopBackground” folder, while the rest of the files are available in the theme file.
There are two themes usually available in this folder: Custom and Roamed. Custom theme comes into the picture when you modify existing theme files. Roamed is when you choose to sync themes between multiple computers. It will work when you use the same Microsoft account on different Windows 10 devices.
Extract audio & wallpaper from a Windows 10 Theme
If you want to extract the audio & wallpaper from a Windows 10 Theme, you need to use and using any file compression & decompression software like 7-Zip.

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