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Thursday, September 27, 2018

How to Fix Windows 10 ESRV.EXE Application Error (0xc0000142)

What is esrv.exe application error
Microsoft is continuously pushing various updates to make perform better and enhance the Windows experience.
The updated helps to fix recent issues, add latest security patches, bring latest features and apps that optimize the way you are using Windows experience.
But many of the updates bring lots of issues that cause system malfunction and start showing errors.
One of the recent errors found in Windows 10 is esrv.exe application error (0xc0000142).
The esrv.exe application error is faced by the users after updating their Windows 10 OS with the latest Creators Update.
During the updating process, the firmware gets messed with system utilities and as a result, users start getting the esrv.exe application error (0xc0000142) issue.
It is found that the error is related to Intel Driver incompatibility.
So, here follow some working solution to fix esrv.exe application error.

Easily Fix Esrv.exe Application Error 0xc0000142 In Windows 10
Update Intel Driver Utility (Intel Driver & Support Assistant)
Windows 10 esrv.exe application error (0xc0000142) is related to the Intel Driver Update Utility, If you are still using the older one, then we recommend you to go to Intel website and download the new Intel Driver & Support Assistant
So here you need to try an update for the program to fix esrv.exe application error windows 10
1.Press Windows key and type Intel Driver…
2.Find Intel Driver Update Utility on the search results and launch it.
If it hasn’t been upgraded yet, the program should automatically deliver an update to last version.
3.Click Update button.
4.Reboot your PC.

Uninstall Intel Driver Utility (Intel Driver & Support Assistant)
1.Press Windows keyR. Type control panel in the search box and hit Enter.
2.View by Category, and then choose Uninstall a program under Programs category.
3.Select Intel Driver Update Utility from the list and click Uninstall button.
4.Click Uninstall to continue.
Then wit for the uninstall to finish.
5.Restart your PC. The problem should be gone now

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