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Welcome to my personal blog http://solutionswindows.blogspot.com/

My name is Mervin English. I am a computer technician and network. I spend most of my time working with computers, both professionally and personally.

The website http://solutionswindows.blogspot.com was launched in 2018. Its main purpose is to provide visitors solutions and answers about computer hardware and related issues. Software, mainly on different versions of MS Windows operating system. All information provided in this site is shared free as I believe knowledge must be shared for all those who want to learn.

I mainly focus on finding solutions for problems that originate from various viruses/trojans/malware software or hardware problems that can be easily fixed, by most of us, at home.

All of these articles and guides are written in good faith and are based in my personal and professional experience from solving computer and network

Keep in mind that, most of the times, the solutions provided here require advanced usage knowledge and should always be carried out with care, and I want you to realise that, YOU personally assume the responsibility of repairing your own stuff with the risk of damaging it or loosing data or whatever! The risk is yours, not mine!

Once again, I want to make it clear:

a. I am not responsible for damages, errors or malfunctions that may result from the content of this website.

b. I am not responsible for the content or the quality of information or software of other websites that are suggested or linked in this website.

I will try to keep the content of http://solutionswindows.blogspot.com/ updated and correct from mistakes and omissions, and frequently check the suggested links to other web pages. For questions or complaints concerning any of the software programs or web applications that are mentioned in this site, you should address their creators and not me.

I kindly ask you, the visitor of http://solutionswindows.blogspot.com/, to contact me about any questions you have or point me to anything wrong in the contents of this site by using the contact form.

Keep sharing the knowledge.


Mervin English

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