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Sunday, November 12, 2023

How to create AI images with Cocreator on Paint for Windows 11

Microsoft plans to bring AI into every corner of Windows 11, evident through the Copilot feature and its integration in many Microsoft products. Microsoft is also testing the Cocreator feature for the Microsoft Paint application in the Windows Insider channel. This feature will allow users to harness the power of AI to create images using text input. Let's dive into how Paint Cocreator works through the following article!

What is Paint Cocreator?

Paint Cocreator is a feature embedded in the Microsoft Paint application. It can create multiple versions of images using DALL-E, an image AI system based on the text input you provide. Additionally, it offers many image styling options that you can use to create images of a specific theme.

The Paint app has received significant upgrades such as a Fit to Window option, support for image layers, and a background removal feature.

How to use the Paint Cocreator feature

The Paint Cocreator feature is in beta and available to Windows Insiders. If you're subscribed to the Canary, Dev, or Beta channels of the Windows Insider program, you can try out the Cocreator feature. Release Preview Insider users will have to wait longer.

First, update your Windows Insider PC to the latest build available. Then check the Microsoft Store for updates to the Paint app. The Cocreator feature is available in version 11.2309.20.0 and above so you need to update to access it.

You can also consider using UUP Dump to download Windows Insider builds without registering for the program. Make sure you're signed in with a Microsoft account on your Windows 11 PC, otherwise you won't be able to join the waitlist and use this feature.

Then, launch the Paint app and you will see the Cocreator feature icon in the app. Click on it to open the feature in the side pane. Now, click the Join waitlist button. You will receive an email from the company in your official Microsoft account about getting access to this feature.

Follow the steps below to use the Paint Cocreator feature:

1. Open the Paint application.

2. Click the Cocreator icon in the top menu. This feature will open in a side pane.

3. Enter a detailed description of the image you want to create with AI. For example, we would enter the content "a cat wearing a pirate hat, riding a car, in the countryside, detailed".

4. Click the drop-down list below the Choose a style option. Click on any option or you can keep it as No selection.

5. Click the Create button.

6. Wait for the feature to create the image based on the prompts you provide. It may take some time to create images and fetch them from the server. It will create three sets of images for each reminder.

7. Once the images are created, you can click them to add to the image or blank canvas.

8. To save the created image, click on the image's ellipse icon and select the Save image option.

9. Name the image and click the Save button to save it in PNG format.

Likewise, you can try more combinations and styles to create different images based on the same prompt. Remember that creating an image costs one credit at a time.

Is Paint Cocreator good?

Paint Cocreater creates a set of three images with each prompt. The idea of integrating a predefined style option into the prompt to make the image correct is very nice. However, this feature takes a little longer to fetch images from the server.

The save feature allows you to save any image created in high resolution, but the resolution is limited to 1024 x 1024 pixels.

During the beta period, you only get 50 credits to try this feature. Once it's gone, you can still use Copilot to create images with Bing Image Creator.

Integrating the AI image creation feature within the Paint application will benefit users. The app already supports layers and several other features, which will definitely reduce the dependence on third-party apps for basic image editing and annotation. Those who are not Windows Inisder users will have to wait a little longer to try Paint Cocreator.

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