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Friday, October 13, 2023

Best free Taskbar Customization software for Windows 10

Windows 10 hardly has any Taskbar effect customization settings other than changing colors. If you are looking to add attractive effects to the Taskbar, the RainbowTaskbar and NiceTaskbar applications can help you do this.

Both of these applications allow you to apply unique effects to the Taskbar with more flexible color settings. So, this is how you can customize Windows 10 Taskbar using Rainbow Taskbar and NiceTaskbar.

How to apply Taskbar effects with RainbowTaskbar

RainbowTaskbar is software that allows you to add fade transitions or solid color effects to your Taskbar. You can also choose to add curved edges, images, text, and shapes to the Taskbar using this software.

Here's how you can add a multicolored rainbow Taskbar effect with RainbowTaskbar:

1. Open the Rainbow Taskbar download page.

2. Then click on the rnbtsk-x64.exe download link there.

3. Double click on the rnbtsk-x64 file to run Rainbow Taskbar (this software does not need to be installed).

4. Right-click the RainbowTaskbar system tray icon and select Presets > Rainbow.

Choosing the Rainbow color preset will apply a beautiful and dynamic multicolored gradient effect to the Taskbar. That preset value includes 8 fading color gradients that change every millisecond. It is also configured with a small transparency effect (80% background opacity). You can view that preset's settings by right-clicking on the Rainbow Taskbar system tray icon and selecting Open.

Now, let's try setting up a new preset from scratch. For example, set up a transparent Taskbar with a static color gradient from yellow to red as follows:

1. First, select the Rainbow preset option and open the RainbowTaskbar window from the software's context menu.

2. Select all Rainbow presets and click Remove to delete them.

3. Next, click the Add button.

4. Select the Transparency/Style setting.

5. Click Transparency style on the Change drop-down menu.

6. Select the Transparent option on the drop-down to menu.

7. Click Add to select Color.

8. Select Gradient on the drop-down menu.

9. Click on the color box on the left to select yellow.

10. Then click on the color box on the right to select the red box.

11. Click the Add button to select Transparency/Style again.

12. Select Underlay Opacity on the Change drop-down menu.

13. Set the slider to about 66%. Dragging the slider to the left will make the Taskbar more transparent.

14. Click the To preset button.

15. Enter a name for the new preset setting and click OK.

16. Then select Apply and Save to set the preset.

You have now created a transparent Taskbar effect with yellow and red gradient colors, like the one shown directly below. The Taskbar is yellow on the left and red on the right. Unlike the Rainbow preset, it's a static gradient that doesn't change. You can set that preset at any time by right-clicking on the RainbowTaskbar's system tray icon and selecting it on the Presets submenu.

Note that you should always set the Taskbar style when creating new presets. You can choose Blurred or Transparent style on the drop-down to menu.

How to apply Taskbar effects with NiceTaskbar

NiceTaskbar is a Taskbar customization app that is a bit simpler than RainbowTaskbar. You can choose to apply five different Taskbar effects with this software. It also integrates some additional settings to center Taskbar icons and add seconds to the system tray clock. Here's how you can apply Taskbar effects with NiceTaskbar:

1. Open this NiceTaskbar page on the Microsoft Store website.

2. Click the Get in Store app option on the NiceTaskbar page and select Open Microsoft Store.

3. Next click Get to install NiceTaskbar.

4. Click Open to run NiceTaskbar. Then double-click the NiceTaskbar system tray icon to see the application's window.

5. Choose the Opaque, Clear, Blur, Fluent or Good Luck effect option.

6. Click Color to set the Taskbar color for the effect.

7. Turn on the Start on system startup option.

The effect options are like settings to apply Taskbar transparency in various ways. Selecting Opaque will apply an opaque solid color effect. Clicking Fluent will apply full transparency to the Taskbar.

Clear and Blur are the most fun effect options to use. Selecting Blur will apply a blurred transparency effect. If you want clearer transparency, click the Clear option. Dragging the bar's slider will increase and decrease the transparency level for both of those effect options.

NiceTaskbar's Center buttons setting adds focused icons to the Windows 10 Taskbar. Turn on the Center buttons option to move icons to the middle of the Taskbar. However, unpinned icons, such as the Start menu, will remain on the left.

Turning on the Clock show seconds setting will add seconds to the system tray clock. You also need to restart Windows for that setting to take effect. Alternative methods to configure the system tray clock to display seconds in Windows 10 are to manually modify the registry or execute a PowerShell command.

Improve Windows 10 taskbar with Rainbow taskbar and NiceTaskbar

Rainbow Taskbar and NiceTaskbar are convenient taskbar customization apps. You can apply fade transitions and solid color effects using RainbowTaskbar. NiceTaskbar is a good app to add transparency and blur effects to the taskbar. So, both apps offer new effect settings to highlight the Windows 10 taskbar.

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