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Thursday, September 21, 2023

How to Use the Windows 11 Calendar App

Windows 11 has a lot of underutilized tools that could improve people's lives if they started using them. One of those tools is the Calendar app, an updated version of the tool carried over from Windows 10 and previous versions.

With the Calendar app on Windows 11, you can do everything from create event reminders to set up schedules - without the complexity of using third-party apps. So let's see all the ways you can use the Calendar app on Windows 11.

1. Install and set up Calendar account on Windows 11

If you're looking to set up your account on Windows 11, you'll first need to check if you have the Calendar app installed on your PC.

If you don't have the app yet, follow the steps below to download it now:

1. Launch the Microsoft Store app.

2. From the search bar at the top, type 'mail and calendar' and select the Mail and Calendar app, as shown below.

3. Click Install to download the application on your Windows 11.

As soon as you perform the above steps, the installation process of the Calendar application on your Windows 11 will begin in a few seconds. From there, sign in to the app with your Microsoft account and you'll be able to use the app from here on out.

Once you install an app, you'll find it from the Start menu search bar, from the taskbar, or you can add the app to the Windows Start menu.

2. Schedule events in Calendar

Perhaps the most obvious - and most overlooked - feature of the Calendar app on Windows is its event scheduling feature. Among the many online reminder and scheduling applications today, Calendar still holds its own.

But if you're a regular Windows user, you can skip third-party apps and use Microsoft's free Calendar app instead. Here's how:

1. Once you've downloaded the app, go to the search bar in the Start menu, type 'calendar' and select the best match.

2. Enter your account credentials and log in to get access to all the app's features.

3. Once you're in Calendar, click on any day you want to set a reminder for and you'll see a pop-up immediately.

4. Now you can enter the event name, time, and even the event location to fill in all the event details.

5. Click Save to consolidate the information and you'll be good to go.

After you have created the event as described in the steps above, you will receive a notification at the specified date, as shown in the image below.

3. Use the Calendar feature

When you first sign in and start using the Calendar app, you'll notice many of the default calendars on your app from before. You can add more.

To add a new calendar, click the Add calendars option from the bottom left corner.

From the new Add calendars dialog box, you can choose from many calendar options: Holiday calendars, Sports, NBA, NHL, etc. For example, click Holiday calendars and then you can select the country you want.

Now, go back to Calendar and you will see all the important festival dates marked. In the case of the example, we see that Labor Day, celebrated in the United States, is marked differently from the rest of the days.

Of course, feel free to add in more holidays like these, whether in the country or for different sporting events.

However, avoid adding too many events at once; That will complicate Calendar very quickly and defeat the purpose of using Calendar.

4. Sync your calendar with other devices

You can also use Calendar with other apps on your PC, such as Outlook, iCloud, or Google. Click the Settings icon from the bottom left corner and select Manage Accounts.

Now click Add account and you can choose from Yahoo, Google, iCloud or Office 365. Pick one, sign in with your account credentials and that's it - all the events and calls Your meetings from other accounts will be synced to your Calendar app.

5. Tweak Calendar Settings on Windows

The Calendar application also allows you to control and manage its settings right from the application menu on your Windows computer. Just click Settings from the bottom left corner and select Calendar Settings.

Calendar Settings on your PC is the only place where you can adjust your weekdays, weekdays, and work hours - it has a separate section for all the options.

Additionally, the Calendar app offers a unique way to choose your language and a variety of different calendars, such as Hijri, Saka Hera, etc. So, you should look at the options and choose settings that suit you best.

6. Set reminders and send invitations

Once you've marked your events in the Calendar app, you can also edit them to add reminders to stay on top of events. Reminders can be set to remind you 1 week, 1 day, 5 minutes, 1 minute, etc.

To invite someone to your meeting, just go to the People section and click the Contacts icon. From there, start importing your saved contacts and then choose the best match to add and send invitations.

Another handy feature is Repeat, located right above the People section. Just click the Repeat icon, choose how often you want your event or reminder to repeat (weekly, monthly, or yearly), then enter the date and time. Your event will repeat from here on out unless you cancel it manually.

Use your Calendar on a Windows 11 computer
And that, friends, is the Calendar app for you on Windows 11. Although it may not be as feature-packed as many of the productivity tools you may encounter throughout the online productivity space , but its simplicity will make things much easier for you.

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