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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

How to Find your Laptop Model Number

Do you need to know your laptop or Windows computer model? Maybe you're looking for a driver for your device or looking for support from the manufacturer. Whatever the reason is, it's easy to find and there are many different ways to solve it.

There are several ways to find your Windows computer or laptop model. Depending on your version of Windows, you may be able to use Windows settings, Command Prompt, PowerShell, the System Information window, or a third-party program.

1. Check the laptop model using Windows Command Prompt

You can use Windows Command Prompt (CMD) to determine your laptop model.

1. On the Windows search box, type "Command Prompt", right-click its icon and select Run as administrator.

2. When the Command Prompt window launches, type the command wmic csproduct get name and press Enter.

3. This will show you the exact model number of your laptop on the screen.

2. Use Windows PowerShell to find the laptop model

You can also use Windows PowerShell to discover your laptop model. Here are the steps to take:

1. On the Windows search box, enter Windows PowerShell.

2. Right-click the Windows PowerShell icon and select Run as Administrator.

3. When the Windows PowerShell window opens, type Get-CimInstance Win32_ComputerSystemProduct | Select Name , then press Enter.

4. This will display your laptop model on the screen.

3. Check the device model using the System Information window

You can also use the System Information window to determine your laptop model. Here are the steps to take:

1. Open System Information by entering System Information in Windows Search and clicking its icon to launch it.

2. When the System Information window opens, switch to the System Summary tab on the left if you haven't done so already.

3. On the right, find the System Model section. You will receive the computer model number.

4. Use Windows Settings to find laptop model (works for Windows 11 only)

If your laptop or computer runs on the Windows 11 operating system, you can also use Windows Settings to find your device model.

On Windows 11 systems, click the Start button and select Settings from the Start menu.

On the left, switch to the System tab if you haven't done so already. On the right, you can see the system model number below your system name.

5. Check the laptop model with DirectX Diagnostic Tool

DirectX Diagnostic Tool, commonly known as "DXDiag", is an integrated Windows utility that allows users to gather information about DirectX (Direct3D) components and drivers installed on their computers. You can also use it to check your laptop model.

1. On your laptop, press WindowsKey + R to launch Windows Run. Type DXDiag and press Enter. This will launch the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window.

3. In the System Information section of the System tab, find System Model. Next to it is your laptop model number.

6. Check the model number from the manufacturer's website

Popular Windows PC manufacturers such as Lenovo, Dell, HP and others provide online platforms to automatically detect laptop model, serial number and other details. Simply visit the manufacturer's website and use your account details or the auto-discover feature to get detailed information about your laptop.

1. Visit the Lenovo support website.

2. Next click on Detect Product section.

3. The website will automatically detect your device.

4. Now, you can check your device model in the “Product Home” section next to your device name.

7. Use BIOS to display model number

You can also find your laptop's model by accessing its BIOS. Here are the steps for that:

1. Restart your laptop and press a hotkey on the initial boot screen (this key may vary depending on your laptop brand, so check the user manual or find it on the initial boot screen). ) to enter BIOS.

2. When the BIOS window opens, look for the System Information section. You will get the laptop model number there.

8. Use a third-party program to check the laptop model

You can also download a third-party program like Free PC Audit to find your Windows laptop model.

1. Download the Free PC Audit program on your Windows laptop or desktop.

2. On launch, it will scan your system components and display all the information in a report.

3. Just switch to the System tab and find your laptop model.

With these simple steps, you can easily find your Windows computer model.

9. Check the back of the laptop

If you can't use any of the above methods, you can also check the back of the laptop. Usually, all laptops have a model number printed on them.

You should be able to find a sticker or label containing information about the device's make and model number. Once you have identified this sticker, simply look for the machine model printed on it.

10. Check the battery compartment

Your laptop model may also be printed on the battery compartment. This can be especially helpful if you have removed the sticker at some point or if the sticker has faded.

To find your device's battery compartment, first remove any screws holding the laptop's bottom shield or remove its back cover. Then, remove the battery and look around the battery compartment for the model number.

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