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Sunday, August 20, 2023

How to receive SMS on Windows 11

 For some reason that you may not be able to use your phone conveniently, there are many messages sent to your phone number that you are not near your phone.

No problem, you can use the SMS receiving feature of your phone on Windows 11. On Windows 11 there is support for the Phone Link feature and thanks to this feature you can receive SMS messages on your computer or laptop. . Also manage photos, notifications and some other functions on your phone.

Here are instructions for receiving phone messages on a computer using Windows 11

Get Windows Link for iPhone

Download Phone Link for Windows

1. After downloading Phone Link on your phone and computer, start both up. Before that, open Windows 11's Settings, find the keyword Bluetooth & Device, in the right window you will see a button to turn on Bluetooth, turn it on.

2. Select the device you want to receive messages, iPhone or Android.

3. You will now receive a QR code.

4. Go back on the Link with Windows application downloaded above, in the main interface, select the 3 horizontal bar icon in the upper left corner.

5. Select pairing new computer > select Scan QR code.

6. Insert the camera into the QR code displayed in the Phone Link software on your computer.

7. Accept the confirmation code displayed on the computer to make the connection.

8. Wait for a while for Phone Link on your phone to ask to connect to the phone. Select Pairing to complete the phone pairing with Link to Windows.

When you receive this notification, select Continue and from here you will receive notifications of calls with SMS messages.

At the same time, the message Your device is paired will be displayed on the phone, at which time your device will be synchronized.

SMS messages with notifications will be sent to you in the Messenger tab.

Here are some benefits of receiving SMS on Windows 11

  • Convenience: You can receive and send SMS messages from your computer, even when your phone is not nearby. This is handy if you are working on a computer and need to receive messages from friends or colleagues.
  • Increase work productivity: You can reply to SMS messages without leaving your computer, helping you to increase your productivity. This is useful if you are working on a project and need to communicate with people.
  • Easy to use: Receiving SMS on Windows 11 is easy. You just need to enable the feature and then you can start receiving and sending messages from your computer.
  • Customization: You can customize how you receive and send SMS messages on Windows 11. You can change the color, font, and size of the messages, and choose how you want to arrange them.
  • Get Notifications: Not only messages, app or plan notifications you've scheduled will show up here.

Overall, receiving SMS on Windows 11 is a convenient and useful feature that can help you increase your productivity and use your computer more efficiently.

What you can get in Phone Link Windows 11

With Phone Link in Windows 11, you can do the following:

  • Receive and Send Messages: View and reply to messages directly from your computer without using your phone.
  • Photos and Videos: View and share photos and videos from your phone to your computer easily.
  • Notifications: View notifications from your phone on your computer, keeping you from being interrupted while working on your computer.
  • Mobile Apps: Open and control Android mobile apps on your computer.
  • Quick Response: You can reply to messages from notifications without opening the Your Phone app.

To use the Phone Link feature on Windows 11, you need to make sure that your Android phone is connected to the same Microsoft account that you use on your computer. You can then use the Your Phone app on your computer to connect and start managing your phone via the Phone Link feature.

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