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Sunday, August 13, 2023

How to Change/Find Your OBS Recording Folder Location

When you’re creating quality content using OBS, you want to make sure that your hard work is getting saved. Here’s where OBS will be saving your recordings, how to change the save destination path and how much space you may end up needing.

OBS Where Do Recordings Go

OBS, this best open-source screen recorder, automatically saves your video on the target path. After the mission is ended, the recording will not show immediately. You should manually open the recording folder by clicking "Show Recording". All videos saved before are in it. 

What information is saved in the video? You can view the video format in .mkv. Also, the size of the project and the creating time and date. To rename the video, right-click it and choose that feature. 

To solve the problem of where do my OBS recordings go, follow the guide below:

1. To find the recordings, click the File from the top toolbar. Then, you can see several options. 

2. From the menu, click Show Recordings. Suddenly, a window appears, and you can see a list of videos.

3. Each video shows the recording information, like the time and date. Also, the format is MKV. You can choose the target one by checking out the time of saving. 

How to Change the Location of OBS Recordings

By default, the screen recordings are stored in the default location that OBS sets. For Windows users, the saving location is the Video folder of the computer. However, to create a special folder to save the videos, you can modify the original path. What you need is to apply the Settings of OBS to find the Output option.

1. Go to Settings --> Output

2. Choose the Recording tab

3. Look at Recording Path within Recording Settings section

4. Click Browse to change the recording folder.


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