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Sunday, June 4, 2023

How To Set Default Paper Size to A4 (Microsoft Word)

Documents appear in different paper sizes like A3, A4, letter, etc. In Microsoft word, you have many options, of which the paper size setting is also one of them. Here you can set the required size as well as adjust the width and height of the paper if you want to repeat the same formatting for all documents then you can also set it as default . That way, you don't have to change the paper size every time you print. Anyway, setting to default doesn't mean that once set it can't be changed, it can of course be done. But this option is used for convenience if you frequently use the same-size format. Most people usually prefer to use A4 size, so in this article, let's see how to set the paper size to A4 and set it as default. The same process goes if you need other sizes like A3, A5, etc.

Documents come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as legal documents or brochures. In Word, you can change the paper size to suit the type of document you're working with, or change the default paper size for all new documents. We'll guide you through it! 

Set The Default Paper Size To A4 

1. Open the Microsoft Word

2. At the top, click on the layout tab

3. In the page setup section, click on the small arrow mark present at the right corner

4. A page setup window will appear, go to the paper tab

5. In the paper size drop-down, select A4 size

6. Then click on the set as default button

7. here appears a confirmation pop-up, click on yes, and the A4 paper size is set as default.


That’s it! I hope the above provided information is helpful and easy to understand. Thank you for reading!!

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