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Sunday, June 11, 2023

How to fix Game Bar “PC Doesn't Meet Hardware Requirements for Captures” error in Windows

Many users use the pre-installed Xbox Game Bar application on Windows to record game clips. However, some users are unable to record anything using the Game Bar due to the error “Sorry, your PC doesn't meet the hardware requirements for captures”. That error message can appear in Settings or when the user chooses to record.

The error message indicates that the PC does not meet the system requirements for Game Bar recording. However, this error often arises for users who have used Game Bar recording on their PC before. Here's how you can fix the "PC doesn't meet the hardware requirements for captures" error in Windows 10 and 11.

Enable Game DVR with Game DVR Config

Game DVR Config is a third-party software that some users have used to solve the “PC doesn't meet the hardware requirements for captures” error. That software includes settings that users can choose to enable Game DVR along with recording and microphone.

1. Open the Game DVR Config page.

2. Click the GameDVR_Config.exe download link.

3. Open Windows Explorer and the Downloads folder or other folder containing the Game DVR file.

4. Double-click the GameDVR_Config file.

5. Select the Enable Game DVR (Win+G) check box.

6. Click the Force software MFT check box to select that setting.

7. Exit Game DVR Config and open Task Manager.

8. Find the Broadcast DVR server on the Processes tab. Right-click Broadcast DVR Server and select End task if you can find it.

Edit registry key Control

Editing the registry key Control is a fix that works for some users. Try editing that key like this:

1. To activate Run, press Win + R simultaneously.

2. Type regedit in the Run command box and press the Enter key.

3. Delete the text in the address bar and enter this registry key location there:


4. If the DWORD PortableOperatingSystem is not available, right-click the Control key and select New > DWORD. Type PortableOperatingSystem in the new key's text box.

5. Double-click the DWORD PortableOperatingSystem in the Control key.

6. Remove the 0 and enter 1 in the Value data box.

7. Set the value by clicking OK inside the Edit DWORD window.

8. Then close the Registry Editor application and restart Windows.

Update graphics adapter driver

Outdated or corrupted graphics drivers can cause this recording problem on your PC. Try installing the latest graphics driver for your GPU if you haven't updated it in a while. 

Enable Windows Game Recording and Broadcasting policy

The Group Policy Editor includes a Game Recording and Broadcasting policy that prevents recording when disabled. Therefore, Windows Pro and Enterprise users must ensure that the Game Recording and Broadcasting policy is set to On. Please note that Windows Home does not include the Group Policy Editor.

Here's how you can enable that policy:

1. Open the Local Group Policy Editor and double-click Computer Configuration when it appears.

2. Double-click Administrative Templates > Windows Components.

3. Select Windows Game Recording and Broadcasting in the Group Policy sidebar.

4. Then double-click the Enables or disables Windows Game Recording and Broadcasting policy.

5. Click Enabled if the policy is disabled.

6. Select Apply to enable the recording policy and OK to close the window.

7. Close the Group Policy Editor, display the Start menu and select Power > Restart.

Delete data in registry key GameDVR

Corrupt GameDVR entries in the registry can cause a “PC doesn't meet the hardware requirements for captures” error. You can fix that by deleting the DWORD and string in the GameDVR registry key, which will automatically regenerate. However, we still recommend users to back up the registry before applying this potential solution.

You can delete data from the GameDVR registry key as follows:

1. Open Registry Editor with Run, as shown in the first few steps of solution two.

2. Go to this GameDVR registry key location:


3. Select all the DWORDs and strings in the GameDVR key by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on them.

4. Then right-click and select Delete > Yes.

5. Click the Start menu's Power button and select Restart.

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