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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

How to Fix the PUBG Settings Not Saving Error

Many players adjust the graphics, sound, and control settings in PUBG: Battlegrounds to suit their preferences. However, some players have reported that they cannot change the settings in PUBG: Battlegrounds because the game does not save them. PUBG's settings are reset every time they restart the game.

This is an annoying problem. Players can still play PUBG but cannot change the settings in the game. If PUBG: Battlegrounds doesn't save the settings for you, here are 5 fixes you can try.

1. Delete the file GameUserSettings

One of the most widely confirmed solutions for PUBG not saving game settings is to delete its GameUserSettings.ini file. Deleting that configuration file usually fixes PUBG not saving settings. The application of this potential solution has worked for many players. 

1. Open the Run application, which you can quickly access with the keyboard shortcut Windows Keys + R. Type %appdata% inside Run and press Enter to open Windows File Explorer in the AppData folder.

2. Click AppData in Explorer's address bar to view that folder.

3. Open the Local subfolder in the AppData folder.

4. Click the TslGame folder to view and open it.

5. Then open the Saved > Config > WindowsNoEditor folder from there.

6. Right-click the GameUserSettings.ini file and select Delete.

7. Launch PUBG and try changing the game settings again.

Some PlayerUnknown's Battleground players have also said that unchecking the Read-only option for the GameUserSettings.ini file can fix the PUBG not saving error. You can do that by right-clicking on the GameUserSettings file and selecting Properties. Uncheck the Read-only check box if it is selected. Click Apply > OK to save the file's properties options.

2. Verify integrity of PUBG files

Verifying game files can solve many problems while playing games. In this case, PUBG is playable but not working properly because it doesn't save the settings. Therefore, this could be an error that verifying PUBG files can solve.

Both the Steam client and the Epic Games Launcher that players install PUBG on include options to verify the game. Troubleshooting options that scan and repair game files.

3. Disable Controlled Folder Access

Controlled Folder Access blocks ransomware and other malware from modifying files in the folder. However, that feature can also prevent games from saving progress and settings when it restricts their folder access. Make sure that feature is not causing problems for PUBG save settings on PC by checking and disabling its settings as follows:

1. Double-click Windows Security inside the system tray.

2. Click the Virus & threat protection navigation option in the Home tab.

3. Scroll down and click the Manage ransomware protection navigation option.

4. If Controlled Folder Access is enabled, click that setting to turn it off.

Now, try changing the game settings in PUBG again with Controlled Folder Access disabled. If that fix worked but you still want to continue using Controlled Folder Access, try adding PUBG to the exclusion list.

You can do that by clicking the Allowed an app through Controlled folder access option under the Enabled Controlled folder access setting. Click Add an allowed app to select the PUBG EXE file to exclude.

4. Disable third-party antivirus software

Some third-party antivirus applications may also include a Controlled folder access feature similar to the one in Windows Security. Therefore, users with third-party antivirus utilities should choose to disable them via the system tray context menu.

Or look through your antivirus software's settings tabs to see if one includes an equivalent setting to restrict an application's access to folders and files, and disable it if it does.

5. Reinstall PUBG

Reinstalling PUBG is a last resort that can fix the settings not saving error if nothing else works. Since PUBG is a 30-40 gigabyte game, it's not ideal for downloading and reinstalling. However, this potential solution can fix PUBG settings that won't save if it's caused by corrupted or missing game files. If you are an Epic Games user, you will need to reinstall PUBG as follows:

1. Open Epic Games Launcher and click on its Library tab.

2. Click the menu button… under PUBG in the gallery.

3. Select the Uninstall menu option.

4. Click Uninstall when asked to confirm.

5. After uninstalling, click PUBG in the Library tab and select Install to reinstall.

Steam users can choose to uninstall PUBG via the Control Panel, as mentioned in the instructions for uninstalling software in Windows 11. After removing PUBG, select the game in Steam's Library tab and click Install.

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