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Thursday, February 2, 2023

How to Check Your Graphics Card on Windows 11

The graphics processing unit (GPU) plays an integral role in your overall Windows experience, from gaming to video editing. A high-performance graphics card can be a major determining factor in your user experience.

You may know all the major graphics card manufacturers, such as AMD, Nvidia, Intel and ASUS, etc., but what model is your GPU exactly? Here's how to check the graphics card model on a Windows 11 PC.

1. Check the graphics card model through Task Manager

Task Manager has been redesigned in Windows 11 and now has a sleek look that complements its functionality. Although users often use Task Manager to keep track of running applications and services, you can also use it to find out the name and specifications of the graphics card model.

1. Right-click the Start menu and select Task Manager.

2. From the side menu, select Performance and then GPU 0. If multiple GPUs are installed, you'll see them labeled GPU 1, GPU 2, and so on. Also, if there is no GPU option, it is possible that you may not have a graphics card on your system or have not configured it properly.

3. The Task Manager window will list your graphics card's name in the top right corner. You can also find Driver and DirectX versions in the bottom right corner.

2. Find GPU model using DirectX on Windows 11

You can use the DirectX Diagnostics Tool to get detailed specifications of your PC. You can find system details like processor, total available RAM, BIOS version, GPU, sound and even details of input devices configured for PC.

1. Launch the Start menu, search for dxdiag and select the best match.

2. Select the Display tab to view detailed information about your GPU, including GPU manufacturer, chip type, dedicated display memory, and more. If you have multiple GPUs on your PC, you'll see multiple tabs.

Display with detailed information of each GPU.

3. Confirm the graphics card model through the Settings application on Windows 11

While you may have used the Settings app to configure various aspects of your PC, you can also use it to view the specifications of the graphics card installed in your system. . You can also view other display settings, such as screen resolution and screen type.

1. Launch the Settings app through the Start menu.

2. From the side menu, select System > Display.

3. In Related settings, select Advanced display.

4. You can see your GPU model and manufacturer in the Display information tab.

5. For more details, select Display adapter properties for Display.

Whether you want to double-check the system requirements for a new game or want to update your GPU drivers properly, knowing the graphics card model is essential. Now you know how to quickly find out which cards are available on Windows 11.

Hope you are succesful.

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