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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

How To Change The Desktop Wallpaper In Windows 11

This guide explains everything you need to know about how to change the desktop wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper in Windows 11.

The wait is over, Windows 11 is finally here. Windows 11 comes with new and improved visual aesthetics and usability. Windows 11 is also packed with a new collection of wallpapers and themes. When you log in for the first time, it starts with a new default wallpaper - a blue abstract flower that pays homage to Windows 10's Royal Blue color scheme.

However, the new default wallpapers are so pretty, you can't just stare at the same wallpapers forever, you'll want to change your desktop background to your favorite one at some point there. Windows 11 allows you to set a custom wallpaper, solid color, or slideshow for your desktop background. There are several different easy ways to change your desktop background in Windows 11. Let us take a look at them one by one.

A. How to Change the Desktop Wallpaper by Selecting a New Windows Theme

Different Windows desktop themes have unique backgrounds and color schemes. So, choosing a different desktop theme is also a way to change the wallpaper. You can change the theme in Windows through Settings as follows:

1. Open the Settings window.

2. Select Personalization > Themes to open the settings shown directly below.

3. Click Custom to see the default themes included with Windows 11.

4. Select a theme there with a different background image than your current wallpaper.

You can add a new theme wallpaper to Windows by clicking Browse themes. Select a theme in the MS Store. Click Get on the theme's page and select the Open button to add the theme. You can then select the theme in Settings. Then your screen will change to the theme's wallpaper.

B. How to Change the Desktop Wallpaper With File Explorer

File Explorer includes a Set as background option, which allows you to add the selected image file to the background of your desktop without opening Settings. Here's how you can change your desktop's background image using Explorer.

1. To open File Explorer, press Windows Keys + E.

2. Open a folder of images where you can change the background image.

3. Select a file for the image to add to the screen.

4. Click the Set as background button to change the background image.

Set as background option in File Explorer

C. How to Change the Desktop Wallpaper With the Background Options in Settings

The Settings app includes most of Windows 11's wallpaper customization options. The Background section of Settings has options to add a single photo, slideshow, or solid-color background image to the desktop. This is how you can change desktop wallpaper with background options in Settings.

1. Open Settings with the Windows Keys + I.

2. Click the Personalization tab.

3. Select Background to bring up the options shown directly below.

4. Click the Personalize your background drop-down menu.

5. Select the Picture option to add a new image to the desktop background.

6. Press the Browse Photos button and select a background image to add to your desktop.

7. Select the Choose picture option.

8. Click the Choose a fit drop-down menu to select the Fit option.

If you want your screen to have multiple wallpapers, select the Slideshow option on the Personalize your wallpaper drop-down menu. Then click Browse to select a folder of backgrounds for the slideshow. You can select the slideshow interval option on the Change Picture every time drop-down menu.

D. How to Change the Desktop Wallpaper via the Context Menu

File Explorer's context menu also includes a Set as Desktop Background option. If you right-click a file in a folder, you can select that option. You can also right-click the image file on the desktop and select the Set as desktop background option on the context menu to change the background image.

E. How to Change the Desktop Wallpaper With the Photos App

Photos is Windows 11's default image viewer. That app includes two options that you can choose from to add the pictures you open in it to your desktop or lock screen.

1. Open the Start menu and click the Pinned Photos app there.

2. Scroll through your saved images in Photos to find and select your desktop wallpaper there.

3. Click the See more button on the Photos toolbar.

4. Select the Set as submenu.

5. Then click the Set as background option to change the background image for the selected photo.

F. How to Change the Desktop Wallpaper With Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

Most users will browse the World Wide Web to find new desktop wallpapers. Instead of saving the image, you can change the Windows 11 desktop background directly from Firefox. This browser includes a handy Set Image as Desktop Background option that you can choose to change the wallpaper in Windows 11.

Here's how you can change your desktop wallpaper using Firefox:

1. If you don't have Firefox installed, get Firefox. Then, open and cycle through the steps in Firefox's setup wizard to install the software.

2. Open Firefox browser.

3. Type in Firefox's URL bar and press Enter.

4. Click Images in Google.

5. Enter a keyword in the Google search box to find the right image.

6. Right-click the image to change the Windows wallpaper to the one in the search results and select Set Image as Desktop Background.

Google Chrome doesn't include any built-in context menu option to set an image as desktop background. However, you can add a similar option for Chrome with the "Set as desktop background" extension. To do so, follow these steps.

1. Open the Chrome Web Store page of the Set as desktop background utility.

2. Click the Add to Chrome option to install the extension.

3. Click the Add extension button.

4. Open the Google search engine and enter a keyword there.

5. Select Images to view thumbnails of images.

6. Right-click the image thumbnail and select the new Set as desktop background option on Chrome's context menu.

Set as desktop background option in Chrome

Add more cool wallpapers to your Windows 11 desktop

Why use the default Windows 11 wallpaper when you can add something much more interesting to your desktop? There are many web sources from which you can download visually appealing wallpapers. It's simple to change desktop wallpaper in Windows 11 using all the methods above. Choose any method you like to change your desktop background.

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