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Monday, March 21, 2022

How To Change Font Size In Windows 10

While the default font setting in Windows 10 may work for some people, others may prefer to make the text on their computer screen larger or smaller.

Whether you're trying to read a long article on a news website or trying to write a report in a word processing program, sometimes you need to adjust the font size.

Fortunately, Windows allows you to customize the font size to your personal taste, making it easy for anyone to read and write on their PCs.

How to Change the Font Size in Windows 10 File Explorer

1. Press the Windows Keys + I  open the Windows Settings app.

2. In Settings you can click Ease of Access. Click Show in the left panel.

3. In the right window you will see the option Make text bigger. To increase the font size in Windows 10, you can drag the slider under Make text larger to make the text size larger in Windows 10. You can preview the sample text until you think that it is easy to read. Click Apply to make the changes.

In this way, it will resize the text in the entire computer system and all the programs on your Windows computer.

If you think the Windows 10 font size is too large, you can follow the same operation above to change the text size to a smaller size at any time.

Another way to change the font size on your Windows computer is through settings that affect the whole operating system. Doing this won't change the text size in all programs but it will make menus and other buttons easier to read.

1. Right-click the desktop and choose Display settings

2. Scroll to Scale and layout and select the menu next to the text that says Change the size of text, apps, and other items.

3. Choose a zoom level.

How to change font size in Windows 10 Outlook?
The font size in Microsoft Outlook in Windows 10 can also be adjusted. The steps you take to make changes are different for each section in Outlook. We have listed the instructions separately by section.

1. Open Mail.
2. Select the View tab.
3. Go to View Settings in the Current View group.
4. Select Other Settings.
5. Tap the Column font button.
6. Choose the font size you like.
7. Click Ok to confirm your selection.
For email message list headers in Outlook:
1. Open Mail.
2. Select the View tab.
3. Go to the Current View group and select View Settings.
4. Select Other Settings.
5. Click the Row Font button.
6. Choose your preferred font size.
7. Click Ok to confirm.
For the Navigation Pane in Outlook:
1. Right-click any option at the bottom of the pane to open the Options menu.
2. Choose Navigation Pane Options.
3. Click on Fonts
4. Adjust the size as needed.
5. Click OK to confirm.
You will see changes in font size immediately. Some opened email messages will not display your selected font size. This is because email clients do not have the same default size. The code embedded in the sender's email directed your browser to use the default size.

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