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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

How to hide the mouse pointer in Windows 10/11 while typing

Are you annoyed with the situation where the mouse pointer appears in the text field while input is in progress? If yes, you can easily set up to hide the cursor while typing on Windows 10 or 11 with just a few simple steps.

Some things to note about hiding the mouse pointer when entering data

In both Windows 10 and 11, you'll have two ways to hide the mouse pointer while typing. The first method uses the built-in option, but will only hide the cursor when entering system applications such as Notepad, WordPad and Microsoft Word. The pointer will still appear in other apps like Chrome and Edge.

If you want to hide the cursor when typing on all applications, need to use a free and open source tool called Windows Cursor Hider. With simple setup, this application will ensure that the on-screen cursor disappears once you start typing on your PC.

(Note: The setup procedures below were done on a Windows 11 PC. The steps are slightly different for Windows 10, but it shouldn't be too difficult in general.)

A. Hide cursor when typing on certain apps

1. First quickly open the Settings by pressing the Windows + I key combination.

2. In the Settings window that opens, from the list on the left, select Bluetooth & Devices.

3. On the Bluetooth & Devices page, click Mouse.

4. The Mouse settings page will open. Here, in the Related Settings section, click Additional Mouse Settings.

5. You will see the Mouse Properties window open. At the top of this window, click the Pointer Options tab.

6. The Pointer Options tab will display various settings options for the mouse. Here, in the Visibility section, turn on the Hide Pointer While Typing option. Then click Apply and OK.

Done! From now on, when you start typing in an application like Notepad, the cursor will immediately disappear. As soon as you move the mouse or trackpad, the pointer reappears

B. Hide cursor when typing in All Apps

To disable the cursor while typing all applications on your Windows PC, use the Windows Cursor Hider application. This free app is available as an executable as well as an AutoHotKey script. Both work the same way.

For the demonstration, we will use the executable version.

1. Open a web browser on your Windows 10 or 11 PC and launch the Windows Cursor Hider page. Scroll down the website and click on the link to download the application's executable file.

2. Once the app is downloaded, double-click it to launch it.

3. Unlike many other apps, you won't see the application window or anything. However, the application is running and is available in the system tray of the PC (the area to the right of the taskbar).

4. To check if an app works, open any app (like Chrome) and start typing in the text field. Your cursor will immediately disappear. To bring it back, move your mouse or trackpad.

To deactivate an app and show your cursor, right-click the app in the system tray and select Exit from the menu. When you need the functionality back, run the app again.

And that's how you take those little annoyances out of your computer life. Very helpful!

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