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Monday, November 22, 2021

How To Display Full File Path In File Explorer in Windows 11/10

File Explorer is the default application for managing files on Windows 1/110. In earlier versions of Windows, the title bar of Explorer was used to show the path of a file, i.e. Address or Location of a file or folder. However, it is disabled by default in Windows 11/10. In this guide, we will share how to make Windows 11/10 always display the full path in the File Explorer address bar.

Always show full path in Explorer Address Bar in Windows 11/10

A. Use folder option

1. Open the folder options on Windows, Press Windows + R and type control folders.

2. Click on the View tab

3. From the checklist, select Display the full path in title bar Click Apply, and then OK. 

4. Open File Explorer again and it should now show the full path in File Explorer

B. Using Registry Editor

1. Open Registry Editor. Press Windows + R and type Registry

2. Navigate to the following path:


3. Double-click the FullPath DWORD , set the value to 1 to display the full path. Set 0 to hide it again.

How to copy the full path of a folder in File Explorer

While there is a freeware called Path Copy Copy that allows you to copy the full path of files and folders, this is how you can do it in File Explorer itself.

A. All you need to do is click on the empty area of the Address bar inside File Explorer. The address bar will then change to show the full path. Select all and copy the path or use it to navigate somewhere else. It autofills by predicting the next possible directory.

File Explorer shows File Path in the form of breadcrumbs. You will see the Folder name in there. If you want to copy the path of any folder, right click on it, and you will get the option Copy address.

B. Copy the path from the properties tab

1. Open the Properties tab by right clicking on the file or folder whose path you need to view.

2. In the General Tab of Properties window, use the mouse to select the path shown next to Location. Use Ctrl + C to copy it.


Hope you find the tip useful.

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