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Monday, October 11, 2021

Windows 11 Screenshot : Remove The Rounded Corner on Windows 11

Windows 11 has a rounded corner design for windows, menus, and other interface elements. This makes the overall design of Windows 11 lighter and more aesthetic. However, it creates a problem for the screenshots.

Specifically, when taking screenshots of Windows 11 windows with rounded corners, you will see defects in 4 corners. The reason is because the screen capture frame is square while the application window on Windows 11 has 4 rounded corners.

When taking screenshots with the Snipping Tool or other tools, you will see defects in the 4 corners of the application window

In this article, will introduce to you a tool to help you take screenshots of super beautiful Windows 11 application windows, without defects in the 4 corners. That tool is called ShareX.

1. Download the ShareX application from GitHub. It is free and open source software with quite a few functions. Download ShareX from GitHub.

2. You find and download the ShareX.exe file as shown in the picture. The version number may change when the application is updated, but you do not need to worry much just download the correct ShareX.exe file.

3. Double-click the downloaded ShareX.exe file and proceed with the installation.

4. Open the ShareX tool and then proceed to enable two options like in the picture:

5. Select the window you need to take a picture of and then use ShareX to take a screenshot of the window with rounded corners following the steps in the image:

This is the result you get:

ShareX is not only a tool to help take screenshots, but it also allows you to record the screen, even create GIF images. You can control ShareX functions with keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl + PrintScr to take a screenshot of an area, PrintScr to take a full screen image, Alt + PrintScr to take a picture of the active window...

Good luck!

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