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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

How to Enable or Disable Animation Effects in Windows 11 To Reduce Lag

Windows 11 has animation components to increase aesthetics. However, with weak computers, these effects affect the performance of the machine. In this article, will show you how to turn off animation effects on Windows 11 to smoothen your computer and laptop.

1. You press the Start button and then select Settings or press the keyboard shortcut Win + I to open Settings.

2. Go to Accessibility and then select Visual Effects.

3. Turn the switch in the Animation effects section to Off.

The above method will turn off all effects of Windows 11. If you want to customize and turn off the components you want, follow the method below:

1. From Settings, select System > About.

2. At the About screen, click Advanced system settings.

3. On the new window that appears, click Settings in the Performance

4. In the Visual Effectsyou have 4 different options including:

  • Let Windows choose what's best for my computer (allows Windows to choose itself)
  • Adjust for best appearance (enable all animation effects)
  • Adjust for best performance (disable all animation effects)
  • Custom (you customize it yourself)

Here, when you want to customize, you choose Custom and then check or uncheck the effects you want to turn on / off. After selecting, click Apply and then click OK to complete the installation.

Note: This guide is for low-end computers, but if you like, you can still apply it to your high-configuration computers to further optimize performance for work and entertainment.

Good luck!

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