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Friday, August 6, 2021

Windows 11 - Format and Clean Install

Reset is always a lifesaver when Windows crashes, be it a BSOD or a driver conflict. Reset Windows can help you start from scratch while returning you to factory settings and original program settings if you so desire. Resetting your PC on Windows 11 is pretty easy, but the errors you encounter can often make it difficult to access your desktop. If you are facing such problems then you can always try resetting the operating system using the CMD instructions below and starting from scratch. You can even choose to keep your data or delete it completely. Use the guide below to easily reset your PC depending on your current requirements.

A. Reset your PC from Settings

Use the instructions below to reset your PC from the Settings app on your PC. However, if your computer is currently inaccessible due to BSOD or higher, you can use the instructions below to reset your PC from USB/ISO.

1. Press Windows + I on your keyboard to open the Settings app. Now, tap and select Update & Security at the bottom.

2. Click and select Restore on your left.

3. Now click on Reset PC on your right.

4. You can now choose one of the following options depending on your current needs.

  • Keep my files: All installed third-party apps and services will be deleted, but personal files will be retained on your hard drive.
  • Remove everything: This will remove all app services, files, personal files, and more from your system.

5. Once selected, use one of the options below to reset your PC.

  • Cloud download: Windows will download and install the latest version of the operating system on your system. You will need a network connection for this option.
  • Local Reinstall: Windows will use the recovery file on your Recovery partition to reinstall the operating system and return you to the default factory settings.

6. Click Next in the bottom right corner.

7. Windows will now gather all the necessary files needed for this process. If you choose to download Windows in the cloud, the required ISO file will now be downloaded on your system. When you are taken to the next page, Windows will notify you that the computer is ready to reset This PC. Click Reset.

The Reset process will now begin and your PC may reboot itself a few times during the process. We recommend leaving this alone until you are taken to Windows 11 OOBE again.


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